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    Dear Mr. Sidecar

    Ballasted keel above the water !
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    Hobie 14

    I am surprised you found a Paper Tiger hard to tack ! perhaps a wrong mast rake ? PT uses daggerboards and are a pleasure to sail, one of my best sailing experience.... (I have sailed/ owned Hobie 14, 16, Tornado, Prindle, A cats, F20, 15' to 31' tris and a F40 cat). They are a little...
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    Hobie 14

    There is an older cat, the 14' Paper Tiger ! design from 1967 and still much more active than Hobie 14 in southern hemispere.
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    Rocket 48

    You need to fill a float to re-right a Weta ! it is a long task compared to re-right a well equipped beach cat , which is fast and easy ! Also I don't think 17 kt upwind for a Diam 24 is really optimum close hauled !
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    Rocket 48

    Downwind with a spinaker !
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    Rocket 48

    As homebuilder and sailor of Trimaran from 15' to 32' , as well as beach catamarans 14' and 18' , I agree for the performances against beach cats. The evident reason is the weight ! Trimarans in this range are much heavier than cats. My Strike 20 smoked every Tris in this size, although his...
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    Rocket 48

    IMHO, the success of Hobie is it was the first company using strong modern Marketing method ! I saw in 1971 during Paris Nautic exhibition a movie showing a H 14 surfing waves in Capistrano, some month later, I bought a Hobie 14 and one year later a Hobie 16. In fact they were strong but had a...
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    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    About lee helm : perhaps your mainsail is getting old with open leech
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    Why do so many designers mess up ama sizes at first?

    I have experimented righting a single handed small Trimaran with low buoyancy amas from turtle position. This is long and tiring ! you must flood one ama first, then, when righted, if the flooded ama is to leeward, it will flip down again ! Righting a small (well equipped) catamaran is a lot...
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    A trimaran daysailer for aging boomers

    If you are ready to build, the Richard Woods Strike 20 is a very good option. I built mine 2015 and have sailed her since with great pleasure. She easily achieve 11 kt to windward and 16 kt dowwind (flat conditions on a lake, could be faster on ocean waves). I have enlarged her to 5 m beam and...
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    What class of single hand beach cat is this ? (51R ?)

    It is a Bimare S3, a cousin of the foiler !
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    Running backstays in multis

    Runners are mainly useful to prevent buckling of the mast section under the hound, when sailing downwind with spinaker ore code 0. Indeed, on a multihull, longitudinal distance between the chainplates and the mast step is much lower than lateral distance. Downwind, this induce a very high...
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    Help me find an old F40 in Bend, Oregon

    looks like Fantasia has been sold and hauled on a barge from Seatle to Ketchikan, Alaska. I am trying to locate his last owner !
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    Help me find an old F40 in Bend, Oregon

    Thanks for your kind offer ! I will forward to the potential buyer.
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    Help me find an old F40 in Bend, Oregon

    Thanks to this post, thru a private message, I got the track of Fantasia in Oregon. Thanks again
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    Help me find an old F40 in Bend, Oregon

    Thanks, Multihuler heard someting about her, but he can't remember.......
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    C-Class Little Cup news

    Thanks !
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    Help me find an old F40 in Bend, Oregon

    Two photos : Jycoat  around 1985, and Fantasia 2005 just before selling ....