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    INEOS Team GB

    Changing rake in the way that the AC75s are changing rake won't really affect the weather/lee helm of the boat - the whole stock/blade assembly is moving, rather than the blade relative to the stock/pivot point. Obviously the boat will be slightly different to drive with different rake settings...
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    instagram post has '#goproMAX' on it - a 360 camera. editing/stabilisation done in post
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    Which boat against Farr 40?

    The first one - Keronimo, 2019 IRC rating 1.198. Standard spec except for slightly larger squaretop and lengthened bowsprit. The second one - Hooligan VII, 2019 IRC is 1.239. Keel lengthened to 3.0m draft, ~500kg lighter boat than stock but same righting moment as stock so will get on the step...
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    SailGP 2020

    Where are you getting the heading readings from? According to what you state, the boats are going "downwind" at 60TWA in your first calculation, and upwind at 15TWA in your second. 60TWA isn't downwind, and nothing goes upwind at 15TWA without an engine. The graphics from the app are showing...
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    The winning foils

    Not quite the winning foils, but foils nonetheless...
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    Oracle Team USA

    Saw these on facebook earlier, but can't seem to find them again. However, they've cropped up on a German site:
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    Starboard tack after finish

    From the explanation, seems it was not 'reasonably possible' to keep clear - being swept into the committee boat is a situation no-one wins from. I had taken the comment of shooting the line to then be finished, at which point the possibility of keeping clear takes precedence. Obviously boat...
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    Fair enough. Wasn't accusing, just wondering. Your explanation of a leeward/reaching finish makes much more sense than the windward finish I was imagining. Thanks for the explanation. It seems sad that you've encountered a seemingly unwelcoming bunch of sailors, though at least some others voted...
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    Starboard tack after finish

    RRS 24.1: 'If reasonably possible, a boat not racing shall not interfere with a boat that is racing.' That, to me, means that even if you are the right of way boat, there should have been some effort made by you to give way to the boat finishing if they are still racing. Perhaps, tacking after...
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    How can you pin someone out at the finish in a windward/leeward? Mark room rules apply at the finish line, you have to give room if you are leeward boat... Care to explain? I can only speak for club dinghy racing here in the UK, but by and large people are friendly and welcoming. The lack of...
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    Foiling Nacra 17 - Yet another World Sailing Disaster?

    Agreed, really enjoyable watching. There was a short section where I couldn't tell if the guy who wasn't Clean's mic went down, but that's not your fault. Although, it is Frascari, not Francari as your co-commentator kept saying. That said, as enjoyable as the TP52 and 18fter coverage, if not...
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    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    I believe this may be the system that A Class Sailor is referring to. If it's not, it's still an interesting way of solving the problem and something I'd look at putting on my A, if I sailed her more :(
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    rs aero

    What about the updating of the sails for the 400 and 200? There was a deck mould update for the 800 and I believe the 200 too... Both thoroughly researched and with an aim of making minimal difference to performance, just ease of manufacture, use and 'modernising' the classes I think.
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    That is the crash the article is referencing - it was the first event of this season.
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    Oracle Team USA

    Anyone notice that in the last 2 onboards OTUSA have put out, it's obvious that they still have a winch-operated mainsheet, only under the deck for aero reasons?
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    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    Not quite... Due to the sheave at the top, the force the sail pulls downward with is doubled on the top of the rig. With the cleat at the very top of the rig, as on an Aero, this doubling in force is only acting on the top 1 or 2 inches of rig. If the halyard was cleated at the bottom of the...
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    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    The definition of mast compression decides whether you think the compression changes. I agree that halyard cleat location does not effect compression at the bast of the mast - that is provided by mainsail forces, standing rigging (not applicable here) etc. However, the mast will be compressed...
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    Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    Sailed extensively on a 12m, had one like it against a Daring (half our length, fibreglass) in the solent: "Starboard!!" "24 tonnes..."
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    Fast 40+ RORC Easter Regatta

    Congrats Bill! Was out there on a JPK 10.80, watching the 40s on the runs was incredible. Hope you go on to have a good season and are made to feel welcome in the Solent :)
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    rs aero

    Nope, it's Venture and Venture Keels there as far as I can remember. Great facilities, interviewed there a month or so ago for a job, didn't get it. Easy to see how the Aeros are such a quality product.