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    Far East 23 R Compared to J 70 which boat better for the older sale

    Kinda like the 80's lots of really good boats but jhonstone was the best at marketing 
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    Trailerable Dinghy/Small Keelboat recommendations for PNW?

    Lido 14, trailer to sail in 10 minutes.  Big cockpit,good light air performance. Can get a nice one for 1500 or less!
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Oregon Ducks! Quack
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    Daysailer for old people

    Harbor 20 for sure, should be a few available in Newport beach 
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    8 Bells for Butch Parker

    I remember racing against Butch back in 80's , he raced with Mike Rockoff  and John on GoGoGo Santana 20.had many late nights with that group! 
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    Looking for boat

    Harbor  20 
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    This thread has jumped the shark

    Fuck I love SA never disappointed 
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    Non-traveler mainsheet

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    Gelcoat not curing

    Awesome thread,  brings back mems from 70-80's
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    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    I''d use a Clevis pin
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    Merry Christmas you all

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    J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22

    Why would anyone sail a J-80 in a light air venue?
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    Marlow Excel Fusion


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