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    j112e Grand Prix polars needed

    Does anybody have a set of targets and/or polars for a J112e? Preferably the J112e Grand Prix edition. The B&G 5000 system has some polars but they are demonstrably garbage. Can anybody link to a designers VPP for the boat? thank you
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    Better on one tack than the other upwind

        $17.99      ~$25
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    Better on one tack than the other upwind

    On my J88, I use a fish scale and a meter stick.   hook the fish scale to the main halyard and pull it down to say 25lbs.  they have a little marker there that you can measure from... then you can reach your port side chain plate bolt at say 25" and 25 Lbs... then measure the starboard with the...
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    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    Similar for us.   we ran 25 races last year with several hundred volunteer hours.  PRO---65% still race,  RC 20% race, Mark set 50% race.   PROs tend to be 50-70 years old.  RC is 35 to 88 yrs old.  Markset is 45-65 years old.   Disabled sailor program races generally with RC team in their 50s-70s.
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    Join the J111 fleet in San Francisco Bay

    hello all, Get in on the fun in SF Bay... level racing in planing one design boats. Dedicated, excited, Amateur crew needed. Only one Cat3 allowed on the boat. Owner-Driver... Exciting racing Get in on the fun look for the crew list... or buy a J111 to sail in the bay...
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    San Francisco J111 Fleet 5 Racing

    Hello All, J111 Fleet 5 is cranking up in San Francisco Bay. The full schedule of one design starts in Bay regattas for 2014 is now up on Take a look and join in! Note that there is a crew list sign up form... if you are interested in joining a race crew or just in town for...

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