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    A new way to secure a prop to the prop shaft

    Check with the local chapter of Hells Angels. They usually carry ball peen hammers. Good for lots of stuff; Mongols, Warlocks, Vagos, etc.
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    LONQR 2

    Maybe sumpim along the lines of a thang that has a canvas seat and takes a rope kinda thinggy up the mast.
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    no more harken dry bag? best alternative?

    I agree. Sad to see it go. I just hope the Hoffa family feels the same.
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    Splicing illegal in Massachusetts?

    Hooda thunk?!? I live in California and I would have thought we we would have outlawed anything that could do anything bigger than 3 strand years ago. You guys wrack! [sic].
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    Suspect motor mounts

    Wax gaskets for toilets work very well for an immediate and temporary fix. Just make sure you get the cheapies, not the kind with the nice silicone funner thingy. Edit: Just the was ma'am.
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    Engine fluctiatuons

    put some Vaseline on all pf the suction side of the fittings, if it does not get worse. investigate.
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    Harry Belafonte DTS

    He made it to 96. good ride...
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    Old men sailing oceans

    I wrote a blog starting about 8 years ago about myself and "Capitan" going from Panama to almost San Francisco - he was an 86 year old 5-time cancer survivor who couldn't make the last leg from Mazatlan to SF. One of my last posts on my birthday at sea was "146 going on 147" That was the...
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    Racers: Tiller or Wheel.

    Depends on the boat... Years ago, doing a Mexico race on a beast downwind in a big blow we called it "power steering". Helmsman on the wheel, 2 others on watch; port and starboard of the wheel. Whoever needed "power steering called "port or Starboard - like they needed to know, and it took the 3...
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    Gas mileage different?

    Ethanol blend? Ethanol has fewer BTUs per unit of mass compared to the real deal.
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    Bottom Paint in California

    Stay in close, short tack if you need to. Point Sur is the real bitch. Pfeiffer cove is just to the south and under Pt. Sur. It probably holds 6-8 boats. The closer in the better. You'll get a nice land breeze. Good place to dry things out.
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    LONQR 2

    What was that Pontiac car from the 1970's that Burt Reynolds drove? Oh yeah a Trans-Am.
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    Latitude 38 now wants to sell you to download Fkcu!

    What's up?! Richard Spindler made the best model. Free. Not selling me. Now to download the online issue I HAVE to register. I get what that means. Give us your info, we will sell it to google or anyone else. Or, walk, anonymously, into West Marine and get the paper one. Not selling me...
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    Meme Anarchy

    Do the one on the left. She needs it more and will teach you more. She is NOT reading the hymnal, mire mike the Him Will.
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    Bottom Paint in California

    A friend of mine told me you should drive to Mexico, have a cold beer and fish tacos and come back with the 'good stuff'. I don't know what he means about good stuff bottom paint, but, he's a friend. But then I'm not a biologist, either.
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    Meme Anarchy

    Sweet! Where is the $3.79 diesel?!? Don't know what all of those other words mean except "beer"
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    On This Day In 1990 Smoking Was Banned On US Domestic Flights Of Less Than 6 Hours

    Both of my parents smoked as well. In the house, in the car, at the dinner table. It made me so not want to smoke that I never tried nor was tempted. My dad died from COPD (which used to be called emphysema). His last 3-4 years were horrible. First it was drugs to open his lungs, then it was a...
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    Silicon Valley Bank - tits up

    Convexity, concavity, duration. If you are involved with fixed income, you had better well know them. Chasing yield never ends well. Let the FDIC insurance limits stand or you will see a repeat of these taxpayer funded bailouts. As an old finance professor once said: "Risk and reward ride the...
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    Humour Department

    A friend of mine broke his arm. It was 100% Humerus.
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    LONQR 2

    Why does the altimeter only go to 14,000 feet?

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