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  1. J

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    Does anyone know the tractor/chainsaw equivalent model# of my Volvo-Penta D1-20?
  2. J

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    The design pictured below is defective. Swedish maker of PFD’s,  Baltic, has had large problems with CO2-cannisters coming loose from normal wear. They have released an aftermarket band-aid, but it is hard to come by and require a torque wrench to mount. And frankly, I dont trust it cos it looks...
  3. J

    Reset Garmin VHF 200i MMSI, without a €120/$140 Garmin robbery?

    Bought a new used boat, Garmin VHF 200i included, MMSI from another country. My registry demands I program a new MMSI in. My local chandler can send it to Garmin to have it reprogrammed. First they quoted €45, but later found out Garmin has raised the bill to €120/$140. I do not particularly...
  4. J

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    That presupposes there is a known waterline.....
  5. J

    Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    A few feet to big, but likely a steal at €250k :
  6. J

    Lifting. Melges 24

    I have done it, cant remember how we lifted the hull. Do remember that getting the keel back into the hole was a bitch. But the result was magnificent! We lowered the hull down over the keel (which we had on a EUR-pallet).
  7. J

    The boat for a Winter North Atlantic crossing?

    Do share please! is great.
  8. J

    Melges 24 Solo

    I beleive it would be a handful! I've never helmed one for more than minutes, I've mainly been jib guy. The jib sheet is hard to adjust from even moderate winds and upwards, since there's no winch. One needs to use body weight for the last inches of trim, non doable while still holding the...

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