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  1. Prof Anthrax

    Show of hands.

    Who's had Covid.   Not what you, seen or heard, or was told.  How was it? Asking for a friend. 
  2. Prof Anthrax

    Supreme Court rules unanimously on Electoral College

    Perhaps that's why no True Democracy has never existed.  Low information voters and such. The unwashed masses. We should all put our trust in the people at large because we all know majority rules is the best
  3. Prof Anthrax

    Bernie's proposed plan to pay teachers

    I wasn't aware the President or Congress has any say on the subject outside perhaps Department of Defense Dependent Schools. 
  4. Prof Anthrax

    Death Qualified Juries

    Would say a true Anarchists. (Well played Sir)  No. That is not enough.  Being a good Citizen as it were. 
  5. Prof Anthrax

    Death Qualified Juries

    A question from the audience.    Have any of you guys ever been a Jurist ?     I've had to on three occasions. All murder trials. In Florida , 25 years ago. Two here in West Virginia in the last 10 years.     I understand that besides paying taxes, and possibly the draft, it's the only other...
  6. Prof Anthrax

    CVT Transmissions

    Chevy Trialblazer.
  7. Prof Anthrax

    FCA can go fuck itself

    That's what actual mechanics do. Have the customer drop it the night before. While it's still warm pull the coils and fill the tubes with any good penetrating oil. Let sit overnight and the plugs will come right out. 
  8. Prof Anthrax

    So? Do any of you guys the Don will have more flexibility after the election?

    "You know Opus, you're not actually a penguin. You are a Puffin".
  9. Prof Anthrax

    So? Do any of you guys the Don will have more flexibility after the election?

    Come on guys. Surely you got better game. 
  10. Prof Anthrax

    Are Closed Primaries A Violation Of The 1st Amendment?

    Certainly a crappy situation. As a young man in Florida, I once show up at a primary, where when I presented my voters card I was informed the "I" excluded my participation. Here in West Virginia there is no party affiliation on the card. It a one day event and you are asked which ballot you...
  11. Prof Anthrax

    F1 2019 and E too

    I guess when you put on the red suit it's required that you become a whinny bitch.  Don't get me started on the Sky Sports douchebags.  "So Char when will you be kicking Benotto in the nuts"?
  12. Prof Anthrax

    MIA Vietnam War

    After half a century, that's awesome. My condolences to you and your Family.  I did not desert you my Brother in Arms. 
  13. Prof Anthrax

    Who thought this was a good idea

    Thank you. 
  14. Prof Anthrax

    Who thought this was a good idea

    Please standby as I figure it out. 
  15. Prof Anthrax

    Who thought this was a good idea

    Starfish Prime. 
  16. Prof Anthrax

    Skunk Works

    A Kelly Johnson side story.  Awhile back I'm reading about the C-130 Hercules and as the story goes when in it's development stage Kelly Johnson was asked to participate in the design. He was shocked at having been asked to participate in a prop driven cargo plane.  Johnson's designs are history. 
  17. Prof Anthrax

    Trump in Japan

    CNN is gay.  Headline News with Robin Meade. That'll chill den bitches out.    Knee high boots.
  18. Prof Anthrax

    Trump in Japan

    I hear that Trump is just kowtowing to Un. Meanwhile Abe is gonna just chill them bitches out next month when he visits Iran. Gives China pause to imagine a not so defensive Japan.  Oh wait, " More Teabagging" !
  19. Prof Anthrax

    Is Faux News moving to the losing side?

    It's called Snake Oil Son.    Been around for a long long time. 

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