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  1. Dancing Outlaw

    PSA: Raymarine MFDs and HDMI displays

    I bought a small 12v to 5v converter to run it.
  2. Dancing Outlaw

    PSA: Raymarine MFDs and HDMI displays

    Thanks for the information IStream. These photos show the problem I was having with the HDMI out of a Raymarine eS128 going into a mk1 SeaLine display. I finally found this scaler/converter that fixed the problem...
  3. Dancing Outlaw

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    I quit 14 years ago. Smoked for 10 before that. The Mrs. and I quit at the same time. I didn't want to let her down and she didn't want to let me down. It was Spring and I couldn't keep patches stuck to me due to sweating. I used Zyban and was pretty grumpy for being on an antidepressant. It's...
  4. Dancing Outlaw

    Bummer for Stars and Stripes

    The minimum bid is down to $25,000. Deadline is 04/19/2016. Hurry up and get your bid in.
  5. Dancing Outlaw

    Downsizing again

  6. Dancing Outlaw

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    From Trade Only Today Gunboat International will be sold at auctionPosted on January 18th, 2016Written by Reagan Haynes Gunboat International, a manufacturer of luxury carbon fiber sailing catamarans, is...
  7. Dancing Outlaw

    Pandora.... Educate us

    The Fusion Bluetooth adapter has RCA plugs, but the device is 12V.
  8. Dancing Outlaw

    Pandora.... Educate us

    I have used Pandora for years for free. I have to sit through some ads, but I have discovered a lot of new music. I use the aux input or bluetooth depending where I'm listening.
  9. Dancing Outlaw

    Shakespeare Antenna Bracket

    I have two options. One from Metz and one from GAM. Pay for shipping and you can have your choice.
  10. Dancing Outlaw

    Gunboat DTS

    ^^^^^ Port Annapolis Marina
  11. Dancing Outlaw

    Surveyor in Belize? or bring my own?

    Oh, Belikin. What I wouldn't do for some right now.
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  13. Dancing Outlaw

    What's the name of this thingy ?

    This? Sorry for the dropbox links, but don't have the time to upload the photos. PM me with an address and it's yours.
  14. Dancing Outlaw

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Do they really expect to sell this?
  15. Dancing Outlaw

    Raymarine ST290 ground

    Little more than two inches in diameter? My guess is the depth transducer.
  16. Dancing Outlaw

    Looking for Raymarine RS125 GPS Enclosure

    Ah geez. I just read the thread title. I'll look when I get back to the shop.
  17. Dancing Outlaw

    Looking for Raymarine RS125 GPS Enclosure

    I may have one. Just to be clear, you are looking for the housing only?
  18. Dancing Outlaw

    High School Research Anarchy

    PM sent

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