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    To Snipe, or not to Snipe?

    I raced a Snipe all through the 80’s here in Alamitos Bay before the fleet died as we were all saving up for a down payment on a house. Now that I’ve gotten old, and one of the boats I race is a Lido 14, I wish all the Lidos could just turn into Snipes. Great boats, plenty of strings to play...
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    1983 Vanguard Finn - New build

    Plus, assembling the boat and doing ALL of the hardware install and rigging just seems like a lot of work! Why not just buy a used boat that someone else completed. I used to have an identical Vanguard, right down to the color. Ex Kimo Worthington boat.
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    Best Place for Dinghy Sailing in the US

    I’m extremely experienced, and I think Mission Bay is one of the best venues on the planet! Love MBYC.
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    Best Place for Dinghy Sailing in the US

    A 2nd on the Alamitos Bay.
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    Finn sailing

    Nope. Two different entities. USAFA is the Finn class association. The Foundation was set up years ago to support our Olympic athletes, and for other causes, such as building boats.
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    Finn sailing

    The R1 build wasn’t the class, it was the Finn Foundation, a 501c(3) Non Profit, of which I’m the Treasurer. And no, the Foundation doesn’t have money for masts, nor does USAFA, of which I used to be Treasurer.
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    Finn sailing

    Trust me, the class doesn’t have that kind of money lying around to inventory mast! Hell, for a while, even the measuring templates were lost, and you think the class should keep masts in stock?!?
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    Finn sailing

    And who’s paying for that?
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    Tell us about "easing the bolt rope"

    I have a couple of Finn sails that use a floating bungee as a bolt rope. Once the sail is up, pull down one the bungee and tie a stopper knot in it. Sail cunninghams like crazy!
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    Towing a dinghy

    We tow our RIB behind our 40’ constantly. We snug it up until we’re out of the bay and out in the ocean headed to the Isthmus, and then I let it way out, then I snug it back up once we’re there. I use a single, 3/8” floating tow line, ties to the ring in the fiberglass that’s meant for that. We...
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    Sail materials, cuts and layers

    I work for Ullman Sails, and we make an Ultra Cruise radial cut, Dyneema sail that is absolutely beautiful.
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    First time in a Finn

    Is that sail as flat as it looks? Looks super draft forward and really flat.
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    Adjustable backstay on a mast head rigg

    As a sailmaker, I can tell you that we build and install a LOT of nice, flat IMF mains. If yours is super baggy, it’s probably pretty old, and is giving you fits when you’re furling in. Replace it, and go with vertical battens.
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    60's Snipe Rigging...

    If you’re in San Diego, instead of wasting your time here, go over to Mission Bay Yacht Club, where there’s a huge fleet of friendly people!
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    Thick Laser tiller extensions?

    On my Lido, I have a carbon Battlestick. Forespar I think. It’s fine, on my Finn, I have the bigger Fatso, so bummed they’re gone.
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    Looking for used Laser Carbon Fiber Tiller

    That’s the Fatso! Have one on my Finn, but I hear they’re out of business?
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    Finn sailing

    Your boat is the boat at the gas station? That’s a Newport Finn, not a Vanguard. 1066 is my old red decked ‘82 Vanguard, originally owned by Kimo Worthington.
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    Thickness of mast on 1977 Pearson 10m

    Pearson 10M was a great boat!  I used to work for a Pearson dealership a billion years ago.
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    Lightning has new ground

    Nice looking boat!

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