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    Put up or shut up

    So there you go, Republicans control the Senate the House and the Presidency. Time to put up or shut up. Try not to start too many wars this time, and expect about as much cooperation from the Democrats as you gave them.
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    CT enacts bold new gun control laws

    It sounds like the main argument against background checks is that the criminals will get guns anyway. The argument fails on two points. First, the fact that criminals will break the law, any law, does not lead a rational individual to conclude that there should be no laws. Second, what could...
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    Romney Endorsement

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    Actual Health Care Question part 2

    Better question: A newborn baby with a serious pre-existing condition at birth. Should the child get health insurance or should the family be forced into bankruptcy?
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    Mandate Upheld

    I'd like to hear what the republican alternative is, it used to be individual mandates. I guess they flip flopped on that.
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    Obesity in America

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    groupama breaks mast

    Too bad the rules and or schedule are not set up to encourage them to sail into the finish under a jury rig.
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    Obama Care Act and the Supreme Court

    Another Republican for social Darwinism, women and children die first.
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    GOP leader to ban pornography

    Never mind someone beat me to it Rick Santorum wants to put an end to the distribution of pornography in the United States
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    Paul Ryan and the coming debt crisis.

    I think you'd prefer to play with yourself.
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    Paul Ryan and the coming debt crisis.

    Supply side economics FAILED!
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    Paul Ryan and the coming debt crisis.

    Just further proof that republicans are not actually serious about reducing the national debt.
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    Paul Ryan and the coming debt crisis.

    Yep we need to get our finances in order. But do we need to buy the package deal that includes racial and sexual discrimination? Do we need to make one mans religion the law of the land? Do we need to tell grandma that she can’t go to the hospital because the military doesn’t have enough money...
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    Rush Offers The Pill for Porno's

    Now you're an ass too. Congratulations.
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    Rush Offers The Pill for Porno's

    The guy's an ass. What's new?
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    Social Issues

    Have we really gone full circle and come right back to social issues? Really?
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    Newt wins South Carolina