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    Fake "Cox Reward" Pop up taking over the main page

    Anyone else getting this?
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    Expired Flares - Redux

    Use them to smoke out gophers.
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    Budget NMEA 2000 wind instruments?

    OR Just get a haircut the day before the regatta. The back of your neck will tell you everything. (Old DC trick)
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    Jibing an Asymmetric Spinnaker on a Pole?

    Requires an erector set.
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    Filmless membrane sails

    Amazon repair kit for auto leather seats
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    Filmless membrane sails

    Have a Fusion C jib. Spin sheets will saw through leaving pin holes. Vinyl upholstery fix goop fills them back up.
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    N2E 2022. Too early to start the thread?

    One would think NOSA, who has no trouble emailing about their sailing seminars, could email the participants that the SI's have been amended the night before. Re: Change of finish line in DP race.  Bad Yelp review from me.
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    Starting offshore racing - help a newbie....

    Bio Degradable paper bags for Poop paper (overboard it goes). Keep it  out of the plumbing.
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    Do fiberglass boats have a "shelf life"

    Came across my old, bought new in 1982 Mac 21 on the craigslist. Still looks good. The 21 was small enough to fit the quality of the MacGregor lay up schedule. Had a lot of good times in that boat.
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    what keel is it?

    A Kelp gatherer
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    50 yachts that changed the way we sail

    Bill Lee drew Merlin inspired by Ragtime
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    Surfing vs. Plaining

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    Mainsail area on a sporty

    My thinking is the inverted top batten introduces a lot of drag
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    Chris Welsh?

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    Taxi dancer

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    Taxi dancer

    Cheetah the boat, not so fast. The owners girlfriend, however, spirited....
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    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    Had a 50 knot squall come through San Clemente at 9am, pretty much solidified the decision
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    drunk injuns

    I guess this means that people should take exception to native americans in cowboy hats.

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