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    B&G Triton Edge

    This is a question for those sailing without the Edge processor, well, and those with. Expedition Marine for nav software on a laptop at the nav desk. The boat is currently running a B&G Triton2 system with WS310 MHU, Precision 9 Compass, a Vulcan chart plotter and a pair of GNX 120 displays at...
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    Zircon blocks

    I don't believe the issue is with the number of ceramic ball bearings. Its simply that ceramics have lower compressive load carrying capability than Torlon, Delrin or Stainless Steel. The idea behind the Zircon blocks is for use in relatively lower load applications where the least amount of...
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    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    This is one option: Not sure what is rigged on the IMOCA's, but you get the idea.
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    Airmar DST810 PV Compensation question

    Good to know on the DST810 Gen 1 paddlewheel. I'm not a fan-I find them to be unreliable, easily fouled, and the CAST App is equally unreliable. Unfortunately a Signet isn't an option on a boat like the J/70 where its a simple all-wireless solution. I'm also not sure they work with N2K buses...
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    ORC57 #3 construction started...!

    Yes, constrictor clutches. I’m trying to think of they were actually mounted well aft on the boom, and the triggers were lead forward along with the reefing lines for control. This would mostly eliminate in-boom chafing concerns, but the constrictors have to be setup perfectly to for this to...
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    ORC57 #3 construction started...!

    An alternative to reefing hooks, borrowed from a gunboat: clutches on the boom with remote triggers for unreefing. Clutches are overhead from the forward cockpit near the mast IIRC. Still need a clean lead from the clew forward. This is a carbon boom with no fittings IIRC between the clew and...
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    ORC57 #3 construction started...!

    Different boat, performance monohull, but we find the same thing at sea with the A2. Inshore it’s good to about 23kts TWS. Offshore, more like 17-18kts. That’s where an A2.5 is nice to have; it’s a little smaller than the A2, but more importantly a lot flatter (more A3 in shape), and the luff is...
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    ORC57 #3 construction started...!

    I think that’s the code zero. They typically have a narrow range but fill a pretty important reaching angle. At least locally we tend to spend a fair bit of time tight reaching while racing in lighter conditions, and despite having a massive overlapping J1, still need the code to fill the gap...
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    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    I haven’t followed all the updates but if they ripped out a backstay fitting that is a pretty serious repair…it would also give me some pause before heading into the SO for a month on that boat.
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    Mighty Merloe

    FIFY. Sail inventory is the least of DL's problems.
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    When Monsters Ruled the Beach

    I'm calling total B.S on the rudder breakages, and calling said sailors buoy race focused for one reason or another. The Worrell 1000, Swedish Archipelago Raid, Martinique Raid and Catacup events will all back me up that rudder breakages on F18's while sailing in open water, fish or no fish, are...
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    Foaming epoxy source

    You can make your foaming epoxy by adding foaming agent. This is the only source I am aware of: Pluses: 1) You can use the same resin to are building the rudders from, maintaining chemical compatibility 2) You can control the amount of foaming agent and...
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    iPhone Weather App-Apple killing Dark Sky

    People might crap on this, but for a generic weather app, I’m happy with WeatherBug. It gives that hourly precipitation % prediction. The default iOS weather app has also been fairly accurate.
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    Sailflow, Windy... what you got??

    Predictwinds’ own data says their proprietary model is not very good at aligning with reality. Offshore with an Iridium GO it is a reasonable option for getting 9/25/50km gribs and for a while it was one of the only ways to download the ECMWF model. Today almost all of the functionality is built...
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    New MG5 Cat (looks like a race version of ORC50)

    Definitely a custom build, ordered 2 years ago: It will be interesting how the air suspension works out; I don't think there is much weight delta. The pod is small, the floor of the pod if bonded...
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    Sailing club in Rhodes Island (Narragansett Bay ideally) ?

    You can sail 3 up on a F18 while everyone learns the ropes and the kids get strong enough to crew/helm the F18. Just a thought. You may also reach out to Nacra and see if there is a N15 fleet in New England building anywhere...there are a few around.
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    ClubSwan 41 - soft launch or floating an idea?

    Yes. Outside of racing, for coastal cruising, I'd say the skipper is spending 70% of their time at the nav desk doing routing and departure planning. I would be hard pressed to buy an ocean-capable sailboat without one; that being said, I'm sure 90%+ of sailboats sold today rarely leave the dock...
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    Insurance Disputes Sailboat Repairs

    I don't think you are going to win with the insurance company. Gelcoat can be color matched and last for 5+ years in normal climates. Less in the tropics, and its much harder if it is a dark color. Sure, it would be better to re-spray the whole boat, its just a question of is it worth it to...
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    Sailing club in Rhodes Island (Narragansett Bay ideally) ?

    Etienne, No need to source a boat. Start by crewing in the local F18 fleet out of Sail Newport.
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    Sealing footstrap holes

    Multiple ways to do this. First, I use the magic marine footstraps, with at least 3 fasteners. Second, I use 3M 4000UV or 4200 for all caulking. 5200 is also fine. Silicon doesn't belong on a boat. Third, if possible I would eliminate the through-holes. There are a few ways to do this. The...

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