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    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Seriously how long have you been boating?  Looking for a dead body at this point is honestly not a good use of assets and there time, as noted he wont be floating.  As for the ax you clearly have to grin with the CPD and others in and around the play pen, you are aware they aren't simply...
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    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Seriously have you ever done a SINGLE SAR CASE?  I have five years of duty doing just this exact thing.  You're comments are truly clueless, and when presented with the facts you continue to double down.  Once of the hardest calls to make is when to call off the search.  This entire ordeal is...
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    almost a boat yard disaster

    Have you been around many boat fires, let alone boat yard fires.  Boats being petroleum tend to want to burn when there is heat near them and they just keep burning....   The best thing you can do in the case of any boat fire is remove boats near the boat on fire.   
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    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    first rate businessman... well if he was a good businessman he wouldn't have gotten in the marine industry.   Also was barely Careful still in the mix with C&C?  if so how many boat companies is this his name has been attached to that have done less than great...
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    2017 Chicago Mac... who's in, weather predictions etc?!?

    Strings is in the straights and Flight Simulator isn't far behind...  
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    "Dash Cam" GoPro or Garmin?

    Just as a note the Virb XE does have the Accelerometer and built in GPS so you get heading as well. not having this function turned on will drain the battery quicker but you get a ton of info from it as well. Basically with the Ultra your stepping up to 4k getting a viewable screen and voice...
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    "Dash Cam" GoPro or Garmin?

    Hands down without question the Garmin Virb XE. Does not require an additional waterproof case, has an aux power plug you can plum in to hard wire the camera do to battery life on all action cameras being fairly short. Added bonus the XE has built in GPS and there video editing software is...
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    Hall Spars - No more?

    I am hearing grumblings that Hall Spars is no more.. hell of a shitty thing to have happen right at the holidays for all the employees. Anyone got the details?
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    what is it?

    If thats 90' I hate to think how big those helm seats and wheel would be.... Since we seem to be throwing out random boats, I'll say Marlow Hunter.. for the worst of all possible options (are they even still in business) Or wait maybe this is the new bigger Stiletto
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    big discount on 8212 Garmin MFD

    to be clear the 8000 and 8200 entire series is being discontinued as they had some very goofy over lap with the 7600 series. Now if you want anything 16" and under you get the 7600 series if you want 17" and bigger you go with the new 8400 and 8600 series. The new 8400 and 8600 are a totally...
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    big discount on 8212 Garmin MFD

    Proprietary memory card?!?! they use a standard SD card on machines as far back as I can remember for starters. If you are referring to there use of proprietary charts, yea that's a sticking point, but there charts aren't bad at all if you pony up for the G2 HD charts. As for being used for a...
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    big discount on 8212 Garmin MFD

    I am real curious on the garmin hate, what support have they dropped? I deal with the big four and historically they have the best warranty and easiest to file claims with. Now if your pissed because after four to five years they no longer support your beloved piece of electronics then your...
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    big discount on 8212 Garmin MFD

    its a great deal don't get me wrong, But first you should include the link for everyone else, second the model has been discontinues thus the fire sale. As a frame of reference that unit has been on the market now for four years, in the technology world that's old as dirt! The good news the...
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    Spraying gel coat

    Gouv real curious why you don't use wax added gel coat? I came into this right around the time people were making the switch to wax added already and personally I prefer it. Also curious with using acetone aren't you dealing with Rainbow issues after its cured... Had some major warranty issues...
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    Spraying gel coat

    Are you thinning it down with Patch Aide? this will help with the flow issue, and give you a smoother finish. I have been in the glass business for north of 20 years now and witnessed MANY ways to shoot gelcoat, so think the idea is to shoot a ton of thin coats, some just hog it on...
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    PSA: Raymarine MFDs and HDMI displays

    Well see theirs your problem your in Deale.... Your other free tip Garmin will not accept a Raymarine branded FLIR camera, however if the camera is labeled just FLIR, zero issues..
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    Suzuki Outboards

    The main reason the commercial guys have made the switch is because unlike Yamaha they don't differentiate between commercial use and rec use so they are getting the longer warranty out of them and then they just off them when the hours pass the limit. Doesn't hurt that they cost less then a...
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    Thistle Repair Facility in Annapolis area

    Muller's will get it done cheap and right, Steve at Annapolis gelcoat would be option #2
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    Annapolis boat show. Feds seize boat

    So they say the industry is starting to bounce back... maybe not for everyone... Can't wait to hear the story on this one, the boat is inside the show should make break down real fun on Monday. Never mind not so good for business.
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