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    Wooden Rudder repair

    Just a thought, perhaps G Flex epoxy would work given its flexible nature. You might inquire of the manufacturer.
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    Used Asymmetrical Spinnaker

    I sent you a message in case you are interested.
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    Used Asymmetrical Spinnaker

    I have one that may work for you off of a fresh water Catalina 30. I've used it it 3 times and I don't know how often prior owners used it but it sure doesn't look like it has been used very often. It doesn't have a sock. I can look at the original sales receipt which may have the...
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    Source for port light gaskets

    Try Catalina Direct. You didn't say what brand.
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    Freeing frozen thru hull shutoff valves...

    If that sea cock and thru hull are original , then I would leave alone until you can pull the boat. Trying to unscrew the sea cock may break the seal on the thru hull. If you want to go ahead, be near a haul out facility that can respond quickly. Have a wood plug handy or that red seal gadget if...
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    Spinnaker Bag?

    Outside the box depending on the size of your spinnaker.
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    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    Unfortunately, most builders  used veneers which are difficult to repair. In the early 70s, Tartan used cork flooring which really held up well. Becoming more popular in kitchens.
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    A little different
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    Good, Cheapish Dacron Sails?

    Should be possible to get new sails within your price range. Hyde sails direct has a good reputation but I can't vouch for them personally . I ran a quote for your boat. Came out to $1729.00 U.S., this was with 4 full battens, 2 reefs, furling 135 Genoa with foam in the luff and draft...
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    My newest project

    Mr. Perry the drawing of the launch reminds me of the old preserved Rumrunners I used to see on the Niagara River.
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    Major lofts basic sailcloth

    I have no connection with the following sail lofts/dealers.The Mack site has a short explanation of sail cloths which may be helpful. The second link does a nice explanation of sail types and cloth. More so than most on line lofts.
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    Sta-Bil gasoline additive life?

    No doubt ethanol has ruined many small engines and will continue to do so with the advent of E15. Too many do not understand the issue. Stabil may or may not work but I use it anyway. The real problem in Missouri is finding ethanol free gas. I use a Stabil anti ethanol product in my cycle...
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    Sourcing parts for a Yacht Specialties steering pedestal

    Specific parts are not available with a few exceptions. Try to find the dimensions for the shaft the levers attach to and compare to Edson. If the same or close you may be in luck. This vendor has levers to fit Edson. Look under deck hardware.
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    Driveline shaking

    Mid 80s Yanmar. Symptoms of engine mounts worn out as stated earlier. Start engine and observe it while in neutral . If it it jumping around at various RPMs and others not I think you will have found the problem. Yanmar did have issues with mounts in the past. IMO they are bulit soft on purpose...