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  1. OceanBien

    Federal grants for marine business improvement?

    Found a delapided marina with about 30 slips. I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge of federal grant money that could initiate a business plan to purchase marina in need of serious updating. The marina is presently EPA non compliment. Could be a great location for a sailing school.
  2. OceanBien

    urban guard dog anarchy

    I agree, the SPCA is a best choice for selecting a good dog. They will have lots of dogs to choose from and likely you'll find one that will draw you in. My criteria was to get the most coyote looking g dog they had. The description was that the dog was not socialized and had some aggressive...
  3. OceanBien

    Limit on posts?

    OK, it worked here, but not 4 minutes ago on the Sailing Anarchy forum SYWoC videos
  4. OceanBien

    Limit on posts?

    Not sure why since I haven't posted anything here in a long time, but maybe I've been banned? Is there a limit to how many posts one can put on SA? I had links to the Student Yachting World Cup. Not too controversial. Maybe because I had two links on one post?
  5. OceanBien

    2013 SYWoC in Pornic France

    Student Yachting World Cup videos Event homepage Team USA presently in 2nd behind France
  6. OceanBien

    2013 SYWoC in Pornic France

    Student Yachting World Cup videos Event homepage Team USA presently in 2nd behind France
  7. OceanBien

    Cradle builder, Who Dat?

    I already spoke with Sharkey.
  8. OceanBien

    Cradle builder, Who Dat?

    One of our TP52's is missinig some cradle parts, and I'm hoping somene here might know who builds boat cradles. Hot dipped galvanised Box Tube... Thanks, OceanBien
  9. OceanBien

    NRA keeping Big Data on anyone who gets near a gun.....

    Remove your NRA stickers from your vehicle if you don't want to get pulled over and have a suspicious search by police.
  10. OceanBien

    Late November, December & January deliveries

    Seeking big boat deliveries, sail or power as mate. Late November and most of December and January also. North to South or Med to Caribbean. Have references. Diesel mechanic, rigger, navigator, driver, trimmer...
  11. OceanBien

    wire/rope jib halyard re-install

    your halyards should have a messenger eye. For your situation, since it seems that maybe you don't have messenger eyes, is to sew a loop of waxed thread into the bitter end of the halyard. Mine get a little fancy with taking out 6 inches of core from the end, the core to the cover, then make an...
  12. OceanBien

    NASS race to Oxford Sept 14!

    That would be for the Judel Vrolijk (nee Stay Calm II, then RIO) the USNA Saiing Foundation got last December. Boatyard hold-up and the crew prepping for sailing J80's for the Student Yachting World Cup excluded that boat from doing the regatta. Constellation will be relaunched in the spring of...
  13. OceanBien

    Hottest Women

    Nice! Great website
  14. OceanBien

    Carina Dissed in Fastnet News...

    That boat is fantastic. Plus Rives crew is mostly his family and other long time friends. Not a gang of pro's although they sail like pro's. I met him when we took Running Tide to his boatyard for a refit back in '83. Friends and competitors ever since.
  15. OceanBien

    Navigation Solomons, MD to NYC

    If you do go, and are planning on stopping in Annapolis, give me a shout and I'll do a nav brief with you. pm me.
  16. OceanBien


    I'm going through the same thing. Trying to get as much in agreement as possible, but I'm sure she's getting an ear full from her lesbian friend.
  17. OceanBien

    What's your customary tip for Sailmakers/Boat Jimmys

    Jimmys? What are Jimmys?
  18. OceanBien

    Lindsey Lohan Playboy Spread

    Thank God for PhotoShop. The techy's at Playboy must have been working overtime.
  19. OceanBien

    Can you Vote for someone that doesnt believe in Evolution

    Must be a slow news night. Seems the recent Rick Perry interview, the one where he either forgets or can't pronounce the name of Supreme Court Justice Sonja Sotomayor, does just as poor a job of of 'splenin' his Christian beleif. When will he have one of his handlers take him to the doctor and...
  20. OceanBien

    Can you Vote for someone that doesnt believe in Evolution

    Born Again Evolutionary Biologist? Politicians like Michelle Bachmann & Rick Perry don't want a paragraph on Intelligent design, they want to eliminate the books on evolution and develop a religious military state. Wait a minute, that sounds just like the Taliban, Saudi Arabia and Iran...

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