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  1. scarecow

    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    From their site: "No regular annual yachting event in the world attracts such huge media coverage than does the start on Sydney Harbour." What a joke.
  2. scarecow

    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Course map from S.I. showing Sow and Pig reef in relation to the race course:
  3. Map of sydney harbour for S2H

    Map of sydney harbour for S2H

  4. scarecow

    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Map of Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour):
  5. scarecow

    Oracle rumors

  6. airbus


  7. oracle


  8. scarecow

    Team NZ not part of Joint Statement

    Coutts says when he heard from another team that the Kiwis didn't want to want to proceed on that basis, "I rang them up and said, 'It's best that you not come.'" Seriously? Hearsay? What an amateur.
  9. scarecow

    Does anyone here support Coutts?

    The Deed of Gift is a pile of compost that grew a beautiful flower. What Russell Coutts et al have done is cut and dry that flower and put it in some sort of album.
  10. scarecow

    Team France

    It would appear as if Airbus is already supplying foils to Emirates: One of Emirates' latest Airbus A380s arriving overhead Auckland this afternoon. A6-EEV was delivered to Emirates earlier this year and arrived in Dubai just two months ago on 26 May 2014.
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  12. scarecow

    Team NZ not part of Joint Statement

    I don't know if the tones and expression of enthusiasm to cooperate are completely genuine, or are more diplomatic in their nature. The reason being that it would not be helpful to the challengers' union cause further down the track if they had appeared to be obstructive and confrontational in...
  13. scarecow

    How to Take Charge of the America's Cup by Jack Griffin

    WRT changes being made to the Protocol between now and the selection of a new COR, I suspect their validity would be determined by their nature. For instance, minor changes such as the name of a particular committee would probably not attract much attention. However, now that the challengers'...
  14. scarecow

    Team NZ not part of Joint Statement

    I wouldn't read too much into the fact the statement does not include Emirates Team New Zealand. The language in the statement is interesting. They say that, following the demise of HIYC, they are looking to establish a constant dialogue with Oracle Team USA and are intent on preserving the...
  15. scarecow

    Team NZ not part of Joint Statement

    What I'd do is give them back the challenger selection series. It was never the defender/EA's to begin with. Let them slice and dice the television/web coverage as they please because I think those rights are very important to the potential sponsors of the challenging clubs. From a...
  16. scarecow

    Canadian Club????

  17. canadian club classic 12 year Old

    canadian club classic 12 year Old

  18. scarecow

    Larry's Trophy Case

    Paint scheme makes it look like one of those SailNZ / mock ETNZ cruising IACCs
  19. scarecow

    AC35 Where Will It Be?

    If it's held in Chicago, how much faster will they have to go to get into hydrofoil mode?

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