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    Electrician Shortage

    <rant> today's apprentices aint worth a shit and you certainly can't treat them at their worth like when i was an apprentice. these young bucks have never known what hard work is, never spent more than a few hours outside at a time, grew up with devices in their hands and are always looking for...
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    El Mariachi/Boothy in trouble...

    jeez ed, talking smack about the dead but you will vigorously support mr. new jersey…oi vey
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    Etchells Worlds Creeps

    packing notwithstanding, how does one enter a PO box?
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    Etchells Worlds Creeps

    coincidence only, it goes by when you last updated…example, i won’t see my next one until august
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    Etchells Worlds Creeps

    yeah bud, i don't do that kind of shit because i was raised properly and also because i'm not a neanderthal. not everything or everyone needs a broad brush stroke of assumption....
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    Etchells Worlds Creeps

    this is a neanderthal asshole problem, not a men problem. real men don't treat women in that manner
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    Head US Opti Coach Caught Breaking the Rules at South American Champs

    i for one am glad my children have way more options to fight off discomfort when sailing...unlike what we had to endure. my older two never did the opti thing and though i'm not a big fan, it is competitive and teaches the big fleet OD skills so we bought one for the youngest. but she also...
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    Adjustments for US Sailing

    i skipped this year (i'll spare y'all my reasons and USS complaints) but in years past, iirc the "awards" was an invite only event and your symposium fee did not equate to invitation. things may have changed
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    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    curious g…which clubs/events do not state 40.2 in SI’s, because i can’t think of any that i have seen
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    I’m Back

    it never ends…
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    Cool As Shit Little Known One Designs

    mercury class
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    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    amen. oh the stories that COULD be shared...
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    Development of activity on SA

    this place is a freaking shell of it's former glory but... it never ends
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    which navy’s still fly the p3 orion?
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    Is Invitro fertilization or frozen fertilized eggs going to be considered against the law?

    glad to hear surfer’s sister had women who had a choice. that’s all anyone who isn’t a fire and brimstone hypocrite is asking for…
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    catch of the day

    where is the ignore feature these days? used to be contained in the user profile but i don’t see it there anymore
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    Putin and Ukraine

    it never ends…
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    Putin and Ukraine

    with the cost of inflation these days i say we buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he believes he’s worth 
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    Putin and Ukraine

    @ malcontententnews is reporting a separate incident at snake island. russian serna air-cavity fast landing craft was trying to drop off surface to air missile system to snake island and while offloading, the troops were unable to get the equipment out and up a grade. had to reload for an...
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    Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage

    directly due to gascon being a piece of shit da. was a piece of shit in sf as da, which in large part is why walking through sf these days is akin to walking through a landmine field of literal piles of human’s shit

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