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  1. big chicken

    Bayview-Mac Docking Assignments

    Since you feel that since the big boats are paying a little more for entry they should be entitled to "better" docks, perhaps they could also pay a little more and automatically be entitled to get a flag. Oh, wait, they do already buy their flags by buying the biggest fastest boats, don't they?
  2. big chicken

    106th CYC Race to Mackinac

    Yerks, cold. The only thing that could make the Mac better this year will be another light air race like last year so we can stretch it out to a full three days again. Not.
  3. big chicken

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    You know, Curtis, I suspect whatever level of support you may have once realized at your home club has seriously eroded, perhaps even evaporated by virtue of the approach you have chosen. You have repeatedly made your point re your boat and the decisions of those in charge have not gone in your...
  4. big chicken

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Haven't seen any skeeters yet this year but that doesn't mean they can't show up at any moment. We get tons of green bugs/mayflies but once again, not yet making an appearance. Generally don't see them until the Mills and sometimes later. Oh, and welcome to North Cape! You are sticking...
  5. big chicken

    Unsolicited praise for DryShirt.

    Thanks for following up, Mark. We'll wear them in good health!
  6. big chicken

    Unsolicited praise for DryShirt.

    On April 28th I ordered nine of the discontinued last year's model Pro-Tech long sleeve shirts for the $12 price and got an acknowledgement of my order soon after. Seems like a great deal, hopefully I will see delivery soon.
  7. big chicken

    Safety Regulation Divide in the Great Lakes - Who do you think is righ

    Actually, 8 valid points in my opinion. Having sailed the last five CYC Macs (and a number of BYC Macs) and been on the wall around the bend from the Chicago Yacht Club for all five of them, I can tell you that the average citizen by the waterfront in Port Huron is much more aware of the race...
  8. big chicken

    Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Right you were barley. This year the Lions are also losing games that in the past they would have lost. Mediocrity has raised it's ugly head again.
  9. big chicken

    Detroit Lion Anarchy

    As I mentioned to a friend, this year the Lions are winning games that in the past they would have lost. Is it too soon to believe?
  10. big chicken

    Didja Ever Think It Would Come To This

    Actually I think it's the sum total of the IQs of the members of the Senate and House.
  11. big chicken

    Dumbest 'feature' you've ever dealt with on a boat

    Putting a mast on a MacGregor 26X. Why did they even bother? (Not that I've ever been on one.)
  12. big chicken

    The Great SA Diet

    Weighed in this morning at 215. Celebrating progress!
  13. big chicken

    The Great SA Diet

    Spandex when worn on the appropriate applications can be an incredible thing. But when worn by those who shouldn' eye bleach available in 55 gallon drums?
  14. big chicken

    The Great SA Diet

    Anyone who can make those (or any other) kinds of radical changes in their food intake and stick to it more or less permanently is of a whole different mental makeup than I am. I find that I am generally going to eat the kinds of things that I have always eaten, too hard to teach an old dog new...
  15. big chicken

    The Great SA Diet

    Haven't checked in on this thread in a long time but have been running consistently all summer and have dropped about 25 pounds since Memorial Day without restricting what I eat other than there isn't very much candy in my diet anymore. Down around 220 now, that's an area I haven't seen in a...
  16. big chicken

    Chicago Area III

    Well the most we saw on the water was 45 but fortunately we didn't have our sails up yet at that point. It was strange to see the Chicago skyline completely disappear though. It got intense for a while.
  17. big chicken

    Missing in Action during the Chi-Mac

    Hey Chicago M.O.B. noob, nice avatar...FOR A COPYCAT! :lol:
  18. big chicken

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    That's an interesting assertion but if unattached would that make it any different than any of the other T10s sailing?
  19. big chicken

    Chicago-Mac: QuickSilver

    Yeah, there were a number of points when taking life with a grain of salt paid big dividends in the big picture. Mike had attached his GoPro to the end of a boat hook to get those shots.
  20. big chicken

    Chicago-Mac: QuickSilver

    Ummm, I got highjacked at the dock as I was strolling by? It's been a real pleasure sailing with Gint and crew the last five years. We worked very hard for this year's win and now having tasted victory I'm sure the crew will be trying for many more. The video is great, but it reminds me of...

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