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  1. some dude

    Racers: Tiller or Wheel.

    This. Also, maybe wheel for big breeze. Looking at you, SF J105 fleet
  2. some dude

    Melges 30 History

    They are/were really cool boats. My guess is that the issue was market saturation for 30 foot boats that need to he sailed by pros or almost pro level weekend warriors. See: Mumm/Farr 30, C&C30, Henderson 30. Fun toy nonetheless Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Moore 33? Did...
  3. some dude

    Etchells Worlds Creeps

    These assholes. I have 2 daughters and I'm hoping 1 or both get hooked so I can sail with them. She may not want to name names here or on the interwebs and that's legit, but I hope she does in a (confidential) Rule 69 hearing. And at the next event, you and I have a duty to step in, say...
  4. some dude


    Fuck all that tough guy shit. What's the weather at LBYC Sunday? Safety at Sea seminar this weekend and I'm scheduled to jump in the pool. You can call me all the names you want but brrrr
  5. some dude


    what's it rate?
  6. some dude

    How can we minimize head injuries due to boom / jibe impacts?

    DoRag looks sexy in a helmet. I'll say hi.
  7. some dude

    How can we minimize head injuries due to boom / jibe impacts?

    Meh. We've been wearing PDFs on certain boats in certain venues for 20 years now and our balls didn't fall off. A helmet on some boats in some conditions won't hurt.
  8. some dude

    Brisbane Finn sailor rescued after brutal boom hit

    I ordered up a batting helmet (actually a base coach's helmet-real batting helmets now all cover one side of your face). Going for a spin this weekend and will report back.
  9. some dude

    How can we minimize head injuries due to boom / jibe impacts?

    Yep reading about the dude who took the boom in the back of the head on a Finn and ended up floating face down in the water, I just bought a batting helmet to wear for Finn sailing.
  10. some dude

    Which Olde Beast Will Ye Choose to Mount?

    Mischief was the boat back in the day (and yes, a lot of fun was had. Thanks again, Carolyn) but in the process of racking up all the good times and the hardware it got some hard use and that prod looks scary. I'd go for the SD one, especially for SoCal racing. It would still be a great...
  11. some dude

    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    OK, OK we get it. One of you think it's cold, the other doesn't. We get it. Personally I think the flood is cold, the ebb less so, but either way I don't want to go for a surprise swim with all my gear on. But let's move on.
  12. some dude

    Brisbane Finn sailor rescued after brutal boom hit

    Scary. A friend got stitches in the head on a Melges once, and I sail Finns with a guy who wears a batting helmet. Think I'll order one for myself.
  13. some dude


    Was when I was sailing them. Read the rules very carefully at the time.
  14. some dude


    So... when you hit the limit on the corrector weights low and in the middle, before adding weight in the ends recall that the boat is weighed/floated with the toolbox on board. No limit on tools and you can keep it on the floor just aft of the bulkhead. Stock (big) toolbox accordingly.
  15. some dude


    Is NeNe #3? PreScrimp tiller boat, San Diego most of its life so not too beat up and prolly cheap. Get that one.
  16. some dude

    J105: Home to Wankers Class?

    That guy's always been a prick. Good riddance
  17. some dude

    Where is snaggletooth?

    What's it rate?
  18. some dude

    caption contest

    What's it rate?
  19. some dude

    Most Challenging Sailing Locale?

    What kind of challenge you looking for? Newport Beach inside the rental duffys are quite challenging. San Francisco city front, big breeze, big tides, big fog, big commercial ships. Miami? Getting to the boat on time after a night out in Miami Beach can be quite challenging. Similar issues...
  20. some dude

    Where are they now (Newport Beach edition)

    Brisa is sitting on a mooring in Newport

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