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  1. bplipschitz

    multi-purpose bicycle?

    As a bike commuter for over 20 years, a some times racer and mountain biker,  I would say, find a bike that fits really well.  A bike that is comfortable is one you'll ride.  The bike you'll ride is better than one you won't.  If you begin to enjoy it and ride enough, soon you'll enter the N+1...
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    Chlorine shortages bust entitlement bubble

    We've been at it the same amount of time, then.  Truly this is nuts.
  3. bplipschitz

    Chlorine shortages bust entitlement bubble

    Ja, get ready for all kinds of shortages.  I work in the chemical industry, and every raw material we use is either on allocation or force majeure.  This also applies to containers and components.  I'd stock up on non-perishable food (again) if I were you. . .
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    Buh-Bye Gulf Stream?

    This would suck!  (Scientists predicting the collapse of the Gulf Stream.) It might make the run from US to the Caribbean easier, perhaps?
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    Faster than DDW. . .

    I know this was hashed out over and over on SA, but can't remember which forum.  So, I'll just leave this here.  Don't have a dog in the fight, just thought it was an interesting resolution of the debate. Physicist pays up $10k to settle faster than DDW bet
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    Windows 11

    Not sure what you're on about here.  I happily use whatever combination of OS and hardware works for the application.  I find Linux/*BSD systems to be more hassle-free than Windows systems.  Running Win10 in a VM is a great solution because then I don't have to have a dedicated Win machine. ...
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    Windows 11

    Not if I can help it.  I have one piece of software that stubbornly refuses to run under Wine, so for that I run Win10 in a VM with Linux.  I plan on milking that for as long as I can.
  9. bplipschitz

    Irish charter boat vacation question

    Well, our San Juan Islands charter got pushed (by the charter company) to June 2021.  I'm of the opinion that it won't happen until 2022.  Look at the (overly optimistic, IMO) roll out rates of the vaccine(s), and do the math.  It would be nice to have 60-70% of the population with some...
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    Ignore please

    . . .still looking for the "ignore" button. . .
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    The Original STINK Meat - Hope they Dipped em like a Lobster

    No, I have not.  Just the wild ones I've eaten during the season.  Scrawny beggars.
  12. bplipschitz

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    Well, lessee: 1. It isn't a solid, one-piece construction 2. It isn't stone. Ergo, it's not a monolith.
  13. bplipschitz

    The Original STINK Meat - Hope they Dipped em like a Lobster

    Yeah, but there ain't much meat on a squirl.  Jes' sayin'.
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    Stargazing app?

    . . . and here I thought that was Uranus.
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    Ignore please

    . . .and everyone has a share.
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    Mail Jumpers

    Now, if it were to pick up some Johnsonvilles and a 12-pack of New Glarus, I could see it. . .
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    Wok recommendations?

    Peanut oil is ideal for seasoning the work.  Use only peanut oil for the first 5 years or so of cooking, and you should be good to go.
  18. bplipschitz

    Wok recommendations?

    Go to a local Chinese dry goods store (if you can find one), and buy a hand-hammered one.  I've had the same wok my brother bought me in 1984.  Hand-hammered from PROC, thick-gauged mild steel.  Once it's seasoned, it's good to go, forever, approximately.
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    turning aluminum into Nickle

    So, you're saying P on it?