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    I can’t sleep

    Decapo, your experience has been mine for the last 40 years, only I can usually get back to sleep if I wake before 0100. It is very rare for me to get back to sleep if I wake after 0330, though sometimes I can grab another hour. I come by it honestly, my father was the same way. I've gotten used...
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    Curious - How Old Is Everybody?

    66 and eyeing up a cessation of working every day for the boatyard. On paper we should only have to eat cat food on an occasional basis but time will tell.
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    Hurricane Season 2022

    what flavor oak?
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    Anyone watching 1883?

    I liked 1883 a lot but am not much of a YS fan. Agree with the improbable historical accuracy but personally, I would suspend belief to the point of flying monkeys to watch Isabel May tomboy around in that setting.
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    Suggestions requested on getting IP 380 from Rock Hall, MD to Hilton Head, SC

    What does it do for speed under power? I am unfamiliar with the 380, but I know from bitter experience the 42 is a gutless wonder. Even if it will only power at 5 knots I would still take the suggestion above and go inside Hatteras. Diamond shoals and IPs are not a good combination if the...
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    you feel old when.....

    ...The newly hired mechanic asks why we call the oil change pump Monica.
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    More than I expected, less than I wanted

    Funny this should come up now... Per my Mother's request, I jumped through all the appropriate hoops and got the requisite permit I needed to take custody and control of the family firearms.  While there is great sentimental attachment to the ones my father and I used, there was a pistol which...
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    Mother Day's Wishes and Memories

    Mum turns 94 in less than a month, if she hangs in there.  I'm scheduled to free her from the gulag of rehab Saturday, where she has been since a breaking her pelvis (ouch!) at Christmas.  She was counted out a couple of times, but has kept rallying back.  I NEVER thought she'd be seeing her...
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    This is what laziness gets you...

    The Yard I work in has a policy of no masts in.  We have inside storage for about 250 50'+ spars and another 200 or so smaller ones  We do a few over 65' , probably 20 or so, and a couple of big scary ones.  It requires a somewhat specialized crew, but it isn't rocket surgery.  There is...
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    Standing rigging

    ...But rod is lighter, stretches less and has less windage.
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    snowmaggen lol ...

    A most satisfying storm experience here. Didn't lose power, no flooding in the boatyard, so there was no need to venture out.  The huge advance notice allowed for a two day supply of wood to be transferred to covered porch and the garage, so the only time I had to go out was to shovel out the...
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    Ok shoot, what is wrong with this boat?

    I have a customer with one which I rig, and it's a sporty little thing.  I'm not a fan of "euro styling" but this one doesn't make me throw up in my mouth too much, maybe it's the faux teak. On the plus side, as noted, it sails pretty well without a lot of effort, moves nicely and handles well...
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    Or the Swiss: The charm of the Germans with the manners of the French.
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    New England Viper line

    I like Marlow d2 club well enough, but bang for buck it's tough to beat Viper.  We are selling it for 3-5 Cents a foot more than Sta Set.  Love the Yale products, but as stated, have been tough to get what you want.
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    New England Viper line

    I have had no complaints of line slippage and have not experienced any myself, though my experience with unreasonably loaded viper is limited to one experience.  It would be simple to put a fattener in the core at the clutch though, a far cry from say, Endura braid.
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    New England Viper line

     I have been using it to replace Sta Set for my customers for a couple of years now and they are pretty happy with it.  Hard to beat the price point.  It is also a great line to learn and practice your core to core splicing skills on as the cover is a pretty loose weave, which I would think...
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    It doesn't count as the best thing I've made, as all I did was open them, but the Bride and I treated ourselves to some farmed oysters at Christmas, and were so enamored we got some for Dr King's birthday as well.  Dunno if it's because they are farmed or not but we had a taste test with some...
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    What's in your arsenal??

    When I wrote upthread that I had been out of the game a while and things had changed a lot, I had no idea of the magnitude of my understatement.  Thanks to the internet and 3 consecutive days where no sane person would be outdoors, I have gained a little ground on a near vertical learning...
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Articularble suspicion
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    What's in your arsenal??

    This is exactly my concern.  I am inclined to believe that I am trying to check too many boxes at once, and I would be better off getting her used to a little more recoil in exchange for more reliability in a pump.  She had never fired a round until  a dozen years ago, and is still leery of...

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