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    "Free Boats" and Sailing Aging Out

    Charter and insurance companies don't seem to agree. Two years ago I tried to charter a 40'er in Vancouver to take my wife and another couple out for a week. My sailing resume counted for squat as the charter company said they and their insurer followed a 2 out of 3 rule. 1) Must own a...
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    Easiest return from Hawaii to West Coast?

    Brought a 70'er back in '16 and had beautiful marketing-brochure conditions (boat issues were completely unrelated to the weather) for a 13ish day return on the generally accepted route to PNW. The original plan that year was to head to California first, but common sense eventually prevailed...
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    Miss that scientific calculator you had in college? Hankering for Reverse Polish Notation?

    I use my 12c every day at the office. My phone has a pretty good HP41 emulator on it and everyone in my family learned a long time ago not to ask to borrow any of my calculators. Years ago I sold my HP41CX/card reader/printer to someone at Helijet who was keen for it...a sale I regret a lot of...
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    Racers: Tiller or Wheel. Tiller, hands down. Better feel and less to go wrong. You're wrong!
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    LONQR 2

    Tender for a Mac26?
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    LONQR 2

    Excuse me? Who the fuck has been grazing on your ferns???
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    OK, since no one else has brought it up... Where were you?

    I was in Rochester MN just finishing up a 6 week project and was supposed to fly home on the 15th. I was driving to the lab when everything hit the news. I called the rental company and told them that their car would be returned in Bellingham, WA. A strange part was crossing the Canadian...
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    Packrats Anonymous

    I'm not yet ready to admit that I have a problem. I'm trying (not)really hard to limit myself to fewer than three copies of major items. At this point, I think I'm doing OK on a suburban lot with two hammer drills, two rotary hammers (plus a demo hammer), two stick welders (plus mig/tig and...
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    WTF BMW?

    Many of these cars didn't come from the factory with this option....
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    Wind Child, USA 74329

    This is an incredible read.   I sailed with this guy around 30 years ago and don't recall him being a complete nutbar.  Back then, I expect we were all overly fixated on beer-can-league boatspeed and not-so-much on preserving the crew, but I thought everyone in this sport evolved from that...
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    LONQR 2

    I can't believe I missed it....and I live in Ridge.  That's frickin' awesome!
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    Best Laugh When Sailing

    I think I was there.  Same event, likely a different year:  Chaos in the brain trust as we had about 5 "skippers" on board, each giving different direction as to where to put the boat in the pre-start.  Boat owner sticks his head up and says "Hey guys...I own this boat and I want to know who's...
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    3D Printers/Printing

    +1 on freecad.  And  don't forget about Thingiverse.
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    3D Printers/Printing

    Several years ago I looked at the ender 3 and decided to go with the bigger brother, the CR10s.  It's actually printing at the moment.  Anything you can draw, you can have a model in hand in short order.  I mostly use it to mock up parts that I can test-fit and make sure all works as expected...
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    Those who do know shit about tools

    Anti-seize on parts that you want to disassemble in the future, loctite on parts that you don't.  When using loctite, a blue sharpie mark on the bolts that will come apart by hand and a red sharpie mark on those that need heat avoids future effort with a not-so-easyout.
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    Those who do know shit about tools

    "Relics of a bygone age" that I couldn't pass up on craigslist, even though I will only use them once every 2 years or so...
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    First Car - Whatcha Got, and the story behind it.

    I'll play... I was about 14 and asked my parents to pick up a new calculator for me when they went to town....they came home a few hours later in separate cars.  The 1964 International Scout was mine.  It had 152 cubic inches of slant four pure fury (valves would float at 60mph), was 2 wheel...
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    How did you start your day today?

    Damn.  You beat me to it.  I wasn't late, so I washed Mrs. Q's car and continued replacing flooring throughout my basement.
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    Random PicThread

    c'mon....I wear my OSHA approved safety sandals most of the summer, and safety squints are always an appropriate solution, right?!?
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    Random PicThread

    I had that one as well and still have this version!