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  1. stickboy

    Homebuilt Pump out apparatus

    Jabsco macerator says it pulls up to 5 feet, could you use one of those?
  2. stickboy

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    This is probably the best answer:
  3. stickboy

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    Yea, me too. Gouv got me thinking that the threads in the casting are probably pretty weak, I think I'll go with longer bolts and nuts.
  4. stickboy

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    Appreciate the offer. But as you were typing I was buying this. The thing is a beast, 450 ft. lbs. (5400 in. lbs). Backed them out like they went in yesterday. DONE.
  5. stickboy

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    The rudder split so I have to take it out. The first hurdle is getting the steering quadrant off. The stainless bolts threaded into the cast aluminum won't budge. There's no apparent corrosion, they just have been galled into the cast for 35 years. I've tried propane torch, PB Blaster, wax!, CRC...
  6. stickboy

    18-19 ski season

    Still riding the lift at Sugarloaf!
  7. stickboy

    Tohatsu 3.5 hp outboard motor

    Wow, I have a 2hp Mariner stuffed down in the cockpit locker that I'm completely confident will start right up if I ever need it. That thing has been so dependable for 25 years I don't give it a thought. I run an 8HP 2 stroke Yamaha as the primary dinghy motor but that 2 is always there as...
  8. stickboy

    what is it?

    Spreaders look square to me, you can only see the starboard one, what appears to be port spreader is steaming/foredeck light.
  9. stickboy

    12 meters in Long Island

    I was watching a Wednesday night race Sag Harbor and it looked like a couple of 12 meters were out there. It also looked like one of them parked for a while off Sag Harbor. Anyone know anything about this?
  10. stickboy

    Easy Rules Question

    Thanks Brass, that's how I saw it. I still find it interestning that Leeward, a slightly faster sym spin delayed/stuck in Windwards bad air, benefitted by being able to come up and accelerate out of his situation when I overlapped them both. I never would have gotten under Leeward and Windward...
  11. stickboy

    Easy Rules Question

    totally there by choice and this scenario os very close to why I chose this route. It worked out very well in the end for me.
  12. stickboy

    Tack line loads

    Would this really be that much more line in the cockpit? How much adjustment to you anticipate? I would think 8 feet of adjustment would be extreme and that would be max 32 feet of line in the cockpit. I kinda like the idea of 2:1 though.
  13. stickboy

    Easy Rules Question

    Somebody already knows this one but I don't. 3 boats on a slow broad reach, Windward, Middle (me), Leeward. Windward and Leeward already have an overlap, I'm not positive how it occured but it's apparent Leeward is not taking Windward up. There is about 3 boat WIDTHS between them. I come up...
  14. stickboy

    Kids with helmets...WTF

    How many here rode a bike when they were a kid? How many times did you smack your head? How many sailed as a kid? How many times did you smack your head sailing? Do you wear a helmet on your bike now? Why? I doubt you ever hit your head once riding a bike. Personally it blows my mind that kids...
  15. stickboy

    Barging question

    Thanks ColinG, I just brain cramped on that.
  16. stickboy

    Barging question

    I just grabbed this as the most recent barging thread. Feel free to flame me if it's been covered elsewhere. I'm going to speak in conversational terms to frame my question, again, flame away. This is only slightly theoretical, it happened to a friend and I'm a little unclear on how to handle...
  17. stickboy

    What am I looking at?

    I was surprised to see this when I was looking at Bristol 35.5s but it seemed they all had it.
  18. stickboy

    What's with the blocks inside the boom?

    Thanks gang. I'm yanking it, it offers no advantage. If I ever go to single line reefing I'll put it back. sshow, just cleaning the mess.
  19. stickboy

    What's with the blocks inside the boom?

    I must be missing something. Both the outhaul and the reef lines are set up like this. Inside the boom is a block with two sheaves. A line starts at the forward end of the boom with a stopper knot, it then leads aft inside the boom, goes around one of the sheaves and returns forward to exit...