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  1. DickDastardly

    Only in Victoria?

    Pretty sure I remember seeing a Sharpie back in the day called "Arnold, the Cunning Linguist"
  2. DickDastardly


    Thanks for the informative rant JB. Have you assembled any data points on the relative energy density in manufacture of the emerging alternative fibres compared to Carbon? I'm guessing basalt needs a lot of heat, for example, but I could be wrong there...
  3. DickDastardly

    CYCA removes ORCi rating option from offshore races?

    Apparently someone forgot to pay for this year’s IRC cert.
  4. DickDastardly

    New Carkeek 45 splashed

    Look if we're doing inclusiveness we need to remember our 4 legged friends too.
  5. DickDastardly

    CYCA removes ORCi rating option from offshore races?

    Take your point on gaming, but that happens aplenty in IRC - there are ways to work around the opacity to identify how to game the rule. I'd argue, however, that the transparency of ORC makes it harder for cheaters to get away with it. As rule owners and race managers leave it to competitors...
  6. DickDastardly

    CYCA removes ORCi rating option from offshore races?

    Both, and the IRC data also includes plenty of boats that never go offshore.
  7. DickDastardly

    CYCA removes ORCi rating option from offshore races?

    I count around 370 Australian IRC Certificates at present and guess maybe 450 ORCi at a quick glance - hard to say as some boats have more than one 2022 certificate listed. Also hard to parse the raw certificate numbers into "Offshore" vs "Inshore".
  8. DickDastardly

    CYCA removes ORCi rating option from offshore races?

    It's intruiging. There are some real ORC haters amongst the top end of the blue water fleet. I'm not sure what their specific objections are as the two systems give pretty similar overall results. I'd imagine the transparency of ORCi would be an annoyance to some elite programs. I suspect...
  9. DickDastardly


    So with removable plugs in the drain holes and breather you could make it unsinkable, yeah?
  10. DickDastardly

    2022 Sydney To Hobart

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. Don Jones outta retirement?
  11. DickDastardly

    Black Jack MIA for Hammo?

    Likely 2,3 & 5. Boat is now well obsolete and beyond bringing back to competitiveness in this strong wind geography, but is still well suited to Med lighter air races. Ditto WOXI.
  12. DickDastardly


    There’s one sailing outta MHYC…
  13. DickDastardly

    IOR landfills?

    Nah, but at the high Reynolds numbers inherent in foiling that type of prop is more efficient...
  14. DickDastardly

    It's Friday: Have they fired Alan yet?

    Er, yes. I was going to point that out also...
  15. DickDastardly

    100kg - what singlehander dinghies to sail?

    @Jono As you know I'm about you're size (albeit a handful of years older). I had the same midlife crisis 10 years ago and bought a Tasar. Yelling at a friend is more fun than yelling at oneself. Still lovin' it. Combined crew age currently 126...and thanks to Rob for the image
  16. DickDastardly

    Schooner Eleonora destroyed

    You'd wonder whether you would simply save all the expensive bits that are salvageable then build a new hull to the original lines.
  17. DickDastardly


    yep, you win on numbers but my gut still says theres more to it than just endplating. Moths may be a special case but presumably there are some insights to be gained from their extreme windward heel practices too. Looking forward to a few keen minds chewing over this one. Would be good to...
  18. DickDastardly

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Interesting. TK has form but certainly hasn't set the world on fire in what must be one of the best ex-TPs out there on paper.
  19. DickDastardly


    If we assume that a sailplan's force vector acts perpendicular to the mast, a windward canted rig creates vertical lift, which should reduce apparent displacement and hull drag. A leeward cant creates downforce and increases apparent displacement and drag. I guess that's why the foiling...
  20. DickDastardly

    There are Yachts at the Bottom of my Garden - Sydney 1973