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    Lake Huron International

    The overnight race begins this Saturday about 2 miles north of the Blue Water Bridge. There are 40 boats signed up to sail 3 courses (89 NM, 60 NM and 46 NM). The range… Farr STP 65 Equation to Cal 25 Cheap Thrill… there is a course for everybody! Pre Race activities begin at Port Huron...
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    Inaugural Bayview One Design Regatta

    Congrats BYC on a great event!! Hanson, Karl, Commodore Jeff, Kent and Tim take a bow for a great show!! I have always enjoyed the BYC NOODs but the BOD took it to another level from the racing, to the meals and of course the night life! We will do our best to spread the word up in Lake Huron...
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    2010 BYC Race to Mac Island

    Goderich is very nice this time of year... sometimes you can see it as the sun goes down and if you're lucky enough when it comes back up the next day! Does anyone remember the 2000 race... oh that sucked!! "Oh Canada, our home and native land...."
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    2010 BYC Race to Mac Island Might want to check this site out for parking in Port Huron. With the college lot under construction and the new Blue Water Fest taking up more lots than usual it is going to be a challenge finding parking and getting equipment to the boats. Just an FYI... The...
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    The 2010 US-IRC Great Lakes Championships

    How about taking leaks off the boat? Still first? Now that is good humor! The world is no longer my urinal!! Hope to see everyone around PHYC the next couple of day's. Great job Wardo and Tim... not a lot you can do about the wind... or lack there of.
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    The 2010 US-IRC Great Lakes Championships

    Freaking Driftwood... I say we make him get the strippers!!! The RiverPort is just a hop, skip and a boat ride away (very talented young ladies)!! Oh and all this lucky stuff... I would rather be lucky than good and rather be good looking than lucky... but the fact of the matter is we had a...
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    The 2010 US-IRC Great Lakes Championships

    The Flying Crow Bars are not exactly the Good Ol' Boys… and I dare say the PHYC is a little different then Bob's Country Bunker. I will admit you don't have to go far (The Roche Bar aka Club Roche) to get a little Bob's Country Bunker feel. It was a sad day when the tap drained dry on the...
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    The 2010 US-IRC Great Lakes Championships

    It really was a picture perfect weekend last year… a couple of things that probably should be mentioned… the weekend before this event is the LHIR (Port Huron 100). There are now three courses for this overnight race and when there is wind it's a great evening out on Lake Huron. The LHIR start...
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    Question re: Port Huron Yacht Club active participation

    BC, Thanks for the inquiry… I think a lot of Clubs struggle with consistently getting as many boats on the water to get great competition among them race in and race out. Our system is not perfect but it does make every boat (99 at our Clubhouse property and another 20 + at our 13th St...
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    On-The-Water: Supersized!

    <br /><br /><br /> We'll be waiting! I have a feeling there is going to be one hell of a party on Thursday night... that or everyone is going to sleep for two days! People are getting pretty pumped here in POHO... I can tell you this there will be one hell of a welcoming at...
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    On-The-Water: Supersized!

    Just an FYI for all... the SuperMac finish committee is ready and waiting (and waiting and waiting) at Vantage Point in Port Huron! I'm glad that a number a boats are sticking with it and fighting through these shitty conditions! Congrats Clean (tell Bruce the same)... it appears the boy's...
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    Great Lakes IRC Championship 2009 This is a press release that we put out there yesterday. I think sailing can be like hockey... you have to get the bounces (luck) and we seemed to be pretty lucky all weekend long. Probably didn't hurt that Burden IV had some bad luck with the wind conditions getting...
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    Great Lakes IRC Championship 2009

    What a freaking weekend of sailing!! It might have only been 16 boats but there was some excellent racing among the three classes. Wardo put on another masterpiece and a huge thanks to LZ for giving Port Huron Yacht Club the opportunity to host this event. The format seemed to work with 4 -...
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    Lake Huron International Regatta

    What a great time!!! I wish we could have had just a little more sleep before the party on Saturday night... all in all the race went like what you would expect of about any sailboat race... no wind, some wind, a lot of wind... but I do love that freaking course! It was awesome meeting the...
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    Lake Huron International Regatta

    The Double Handed guy's are finishing right now... I know Wendall and his Dad finished a little before 8:00 this morning on an Erickson 37. I have not seen any prelim results. Should have been a hell of a ride with that west wind all day yesterday! It would be nice to have that on the way up...
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    Lake Huron International Regatta

    Starts this Friday evening at seven... finishes hopefully sometime on Saturday morning / early afternoon. The fireworks should be kick ass on Friday night it just would be nice if we're not watching them from the same place in the lake all evening long! Hell last year we saw the fireworks on...
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    Lake Huron International Regatta

    It certainly would be nice if we had just a little wind this year! It looks like there are thirty boats signed up... No doubt that it is a great course that gives the crew just enough time on Lake Huron before the Bayview Port Huron to Mackinac. Wardo deserves a ton of credit for working his...
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    feedback on thomas 35 please

    We did take a flier there is no doubt about that... so last years Mack is not a good example of the J vs. T boat performance (at least in the case of Rowdy). I think there is clearly advantages that both boats have in certain conditions. The T's window is just open a little wider then the...
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    Lake Huron International Regatta

    WOW... SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!! Just a thanks from Nick and I to all who did the race and enjoyed the band and fun on Saturday night! Hard to plan for those conditions! Let's hope we don't see anything like that this weekend. Would love feedback on how to make this thing increase in size from year...

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