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  1. J

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Nice rig.
  2. J

    F24 mk1 rudder question

    Awesome enjoy, they are fun boats! 
  3. J

    F24 mk1 rudder question

    I have a similar situation at my buddies dock, very shallow. I’m able to motor out with rudder up or even half way down. I’m also on the Chesapeake and it’s a great little boat for cruising with the family and beaching. I plan on keeping this for a couple more years a eventually move up in size...
  4. J

    F24 mk1 rudder question

    Got one on mine. Swings up for trailering. It will tends to cavitate at high speeds, if you push it which I experienced once. Maybe that’s why the redesigned them. Other than that it’s fine.
  5. J

    New Corsair 880

    Looks sharp, wonder what price tag is?
  6. J

    Anyone sailed a Hobie and a Corsair?

    I’m on the Chesapeake and have a f24. Great little boat! My wife and 2 kids dig it, it’s plenty fast for them, yet I like to push it when solo or friends. I grew up sailing hobies and made the transition to a corsair when I started a family.
  7. J

    22’ Maine Cat , I wanna go fast and party!

    Does it come with mast and rigging? I would resell it and buy a pontoon boat(party barge), more comfort and stability and less modifications. 
  8. J

    Stiletto vs Warrior vs Viva?

    Reynolds 21 for sale on the Chesapeake, looks like a fun boat, not sure about performance?
  9. J

    Terrapin in cruise mode....

    Great video.

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