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    Installing a composting toilet.

    Happy Airhead user here, we put one on our SC50 when we lived aboard. It's a tall unit and the SC has a riser for the head, luckily we are tall but for short people you might want a step. The pee tank is a bit on the small size, we had a spare (and a spare #2 tank) so we could swap them out and...
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    Awlwood? Anybody use that can review?

    Went to West Marine today to see if I can put my hands on this stuff. They had a case-worth of gloss topcoat in quarts, an empty shelf where the matte topcoat should live, and no evidence of ever stocking the primer in any color. They also had quarts of spray reducer and gallons of brush...
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    We rant and rave about people enabling him, when he was our enabler the whole time. Rimas is the Dunning-Kruger Effect personified.
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    West Marine

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    shout out for 610

    Agreed, 610 is great. I put that shit on everything.
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    Angling down cam cleats on mainsheet block

    Is the wedge retained by anything but friction? I can see that falling out pretty easily when you're wailing on sheet. Maybe replace clevis with bolt, and add 2nd bolt at lowest hole, to resist flex?
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It's cool man it'll take him like 9 years.
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    mod for a shackle & block?

    Possible to use an automatic center punch ( to create dimple, SS probably too hard for that to work alone so careful use of a bit smaller than threads would be required. That said, probably a lot less effort to use a...
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    mod for a shackle & block?

    A small dimple in the swivel and a set screw with a pointed tip rather than a dimpled one will hold much more positively, and not reduce strength as much as a through-hole.
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    Frozen steering on outboards!

    Lack of lube is common. Bending the steering tube (binds your steering) is also common. Both are really shitty to deal with. Lube it before it fails.
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    348 Boats Entered For TBF

    Awesome day, my first Fiasco and first race with the new boat. We went with the crowd and got around in just under 5 hours. 3.5 hours of that was probably the leg from RR to TI.
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    Show your boat sailing thread

    Our SC50 Riffraff, out for a sail on New Year's Eve.
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    Santa Cruz 50
  14. Riffraff


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    Sailing & Millennials that just don't get it.

    Hello, poor-impulse-control buddy. Mine was a 1965 Wayfarer Excalibur 26', what was yours? Seems to me most peoples' stories are "started in youth sailing" and/or "parents had a boat".
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    Sailing & Millennials that just don't get it.

    I'm paying $1400/m for a 70' end tie in Sausalito, a 27' slip at my harbor is $355/m The shipyard next door, which is slightly more rustic, is $250/m for a 26' slip. Is it possible to buy a cheap sailboat, store it cheaply/free, and live happily ever after? Sure, but you have to know what...
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    Sailing & Millennials that just don't get it.

    I sail with lots of newbs doing charters and I can confirm that being clueless about the physics and logistics of sailing transcends age/race/gender/whatever. Studying for my teaching credential, they showed us a video where they interviewed Harvard grads on graduation day, and asked them, "Why...
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    Boat Brokers: What are they good for?

    True that. We just bought a boat (SC50) listed with a broker. We didn't have a broker, and decided to have the seller's broker represent us. Mistake. Ultimately we bought the boat contingent on a few things being repaired (area of rotten core, babystay non-op, shore power fried). She changed...
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    Yanmar start switch problem

    It's pretty much always a bad idea to turn the key switch to "Off" on a diesel while the engine is still running. Fries the alternator diodes. Kill engine, then key off.
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    what is it and where is it from?

    Navy SEAL shot through the anchor rode with a sniper rifle.