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    Carl Eichenlaub

    How many people remember his t-shirts that showed his back side with his pants sagging down and he's whittling/carving on a tree. The chips are flying over his head and shoulders and a wooden Snipe is coming out of the other end of the tree! I do wish that I had one of those great shirts - talk...
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    Clevis pins

    Much of current racing is done on a Flying Scot (I know, I know - but we get 15-20 out every Sunday afternoon and a couple of former national champions are in the fleet.) I've found that over time that the chainplates have actually started to wear through the clevis pins or have started to bend...
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    Etchell's Worlds

    I think that there is a lot that can be learned and appreciated from the competitors that raced last week in the Etchells Worlds. For but one example, I suggest that some readers here might be interested in this link which is part of tomorrow's Scuttlebutt newsletter. Damn good story! -...
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    Race cheating/tricks

    Does anybody here remember the infamous but fictitious character by the name of Charlie Streber from back maybe 25+/- years ago who would be featured in an article every so often in SAIL Magazine? He never condoned "cheating", but tricks like bearing off coming into the windward mark and then...
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    Class legal

    The Tacktick Micro is legal in this class - i.e. no lift/header memory functionality nor GPS capabilities (used in "pinging" the line like a Velocitek.) I'd be curious to know if the winner was the guy who used the Velocitek? I'd like to ask why the guy who did use the Velocitek wasn't protested?
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    The Legend of IMP

    More than one boat racing back in those days based out of New Orleans had a rheostat on their running lights!
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    NA's Update

    Why no results from day 1?
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    1/4 Tonner-Business Machine

    Anybody remember these stickers?
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    1/4 Tonner-Business Machine

    My reference to Magic Bus being first and Business Machine second was for the World Championship title - not for the placings in the last race. Do you remember the speed tests that were held before the series? Every boat had to go something like 4MPH over a 100 yards (something like that). One...
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    "Mud Shark" (front page) - Padre Island, TX

    In looking at the cabin top, windows and winch area near the cockpit, it looks suspiciously like a mid-sized Cal - maybe a Cal 34, 36 or maybe even a 40. Any history of these sailboats reported "lost" down there? What do you think?
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    1/4 Tonner-Business Machine

    Business Machine was the second quarter-ton boat that was owned by Bob Chilton - Dallas/Rockwall, TX. His first was Truckin' Machine. Both were Kiwi 24's - designed by Ron Holland and built down in Florida by I believe Gary Carlin. Truckin' Machine was a fairly conventional cored manufactured...
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    College Match Race Nationals

    The racing is absolutely 'top notch' (it's scary just how good these kids will ultimately get) - and the commentary is every bit as good, maybe even better than the racing. Both commentators are not afraid to call a stupid move just that - and that also applies to the umpires as well. They...
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    Atlantis Foul Weather Gear - Any good?

    The Aegis jacket also comes in a women's cut/version that an associate of mine really likes - says it is the best stuff she's ever had.
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    Bolts drilled out for track pins?

    Years ago (back when the J24 was really going strong), there used to be a couple of guys who had some sources of quarter inch flat head bolts where they were drilled out to accept the standard pins for the track cars. Anybody got a source? Thanks! Rick
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    caption contest

    "Do you just like going slow all the time?" - purloined from PF!
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    Women's J22 Team

    Find one of the Backus sisters to join you - they're in that area and are darn good sailors/racers!
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    Sunfish Pan-Am Trials!

    Well I just called the Bay Waveland Yacht Club and talked to the female bartender who apparently may be the only person there. They are "fixing" (good southern term)to close. She was unable to give me any results/finishes or whatever? Does anybody (including but not excluding USSA) have any...
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    Melges 32 Worlds - who is going to win?

    No argument with what KK posted - nothing beats cubic inches except cubic dollars! I just wish that Ellison and group had bought a Melges 32 - this might/would have solved a lot of these problems! Hell - Oracle Open World has been going on in San Francisco for the past few days (it ends today)...
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    Our club on White Rock - Dallas, TX recently installed one that is immediately accessible in the main club house. We do schedule CPR training sessions typically on a quarterly basis.
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    Favourite sailing quote?

    "I really don't know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea, except I think it is because in addition to the fact that the sea changes and the light changes, and ships change, it is because we all came from the sea. And it is an interesting biological fact that all of us have, in...

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