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  1. Muzza

    Cotton blossom Wellington NZ

    The Cotton Blossom I remember in Wellington at that time was Cotton Blossom II, i.e. the Farr 55 already mentioned. 
  2. Muzza

    Fattest boats

    Yes - Kishmul was green. She was a surprise success in the 1979 Auckland-Suva.  Already several years out of date, the race was light and on the wind almost all the way.  If I recall she placed well on IOR and may have won her division.
  3. Muzza

    RIP Bob Fisher

    In the early '90s, I was in my mid 20s, I remember a Cowes Week ('90 or '91) when Barracuda of Tarrant was docked next to us (Aida - ex Promotion V).  After one race a number of us were socializing in Barracuda's cockpit and Bob was pouring the G&Ts.  I had been reading his stuff since...
  4. Muzza

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I thought they (in the search zone) were at about 9 degrees east and about 40.7 south.  Mea culpa if I have that wrong.
  5. Muzza

    Vendee Globe 2020

    The cargo ship (41 56S 7 04E)  that was steaming to the search zone, appears to have resumed its course to the east and is no longer en route to the search zone.
  6. Muzza

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I may have messed up my math (it wouldn't be the first time).  I'm getting sunrise at 0346 UTC.  There should be a long twilight - but fully overcast.
  7. Muzza

    Vendee Globe 2020

    There is currently about 12 NM between the north and south sides of the circle.  The two boats close together were less than 2 nautical miles apart as of 5 minutes ago.
  8. Muzza

    not fun

    Yes - in 1982 she had some new-fangled technology.  Multiple data sources interfaced to an HP 85 computer; a B&G Hercules 190, a Loran receiver and a SatNav (remember those?).  Polar predictions were stored in the computer.  All this high falutin stiff wasn't even legal in some regattas -...
  9. Muzza

    Spinnakers and High Wind

    I echo GSJ - I've never had a dinghy kite fail due to wind strength. In extreme conditions it has always been something else that breaks first - including my nerve. But the spinnakers always always come through with flying colors.
  10. Muzza

    Looking for Flying Dutchman Crew for the 2012 World's

    And here I am trying to lose 20lbs to get back to my laser sailing weight. Most of my weight is in a zone just above my belt line - not the most effective spot. I suspect I'd have to wear platform shoes and maybe magically lose 20 years off my age as well.
  11. Muzza

    caption contest

    I can't believe it. I wore this hat in honor of the Royal Wedding and all they want to talk about is the f'king boat!
  12. Muzza

    Sabre build USA

    That's a beautiful finish. Kudos. It reminds me of the finish I had on a dinghy I owned back in the mid 70s. Everything I've had since has been plastic. I really must get back into a wooden boat. (Sigh).
  13. Muzza

    Lasers Suck

    I want to add my support to the Moose, and dammit, I'm even agreeing some of what Gouv has to say. I think I said elsewhere - probably somewhere near the beginning of this thread - how much I loath these boats. You haters can continue to tell me everything that's wrong with them and I doubt...
  14. Muzza

    12ft skiff is now 2 x 6ft skiffs

    She died doing what she loved. I'm relieved the crew were not injured.
  15. Muzza

    Lasers Suck

    I missed this post, so sorry for the late response. That Sir is one your better ones. An excellent retort to those who, for some strange reason, wish to bring slurs about gender and sexual orientation into a discussion about a sailboat.
  16. Muzza

    caption contest

    "You might find you get a little less feedback now that we've switched to wheel steering." or... "So do you think Lindsay Lohan shoulda been sent back to prison?"
  17. Muzza

    Fireballs in the US

    Absolutely! Especially for younger crews still growing and putting on weight with a 505 as their goal. The Fireball has a smaller working sail area and smaller spinnaker than the 505 and tends to suit a lighter combined crew weight (although there is some cross-over). Yet the Fireball has a...
  18. Muzza

    Laser Class Members??

    There are multiple issues under discussion here. The root behind all the discussion is (as always) the cost of a class legal sail. The idea that the problem can be solved by allowing sails from any sailmaker in competition is, unfortunately, flawed. I will not repeat the points that Tracy...
  19. Muzza


    Oh yeah – I hate these boats. I loath them with a passion.   I first sailed one 34 years ago and have been sailing them on and off ever since. Despite 34 years of practice, I still can’t make the darn thing behave. It is obviously the boat’s fault. All the guys and girls I race against...