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    Expired Flares - Redux

    Getting back to flares and if you already have enough in your car, give them to the local Boy Scout troop. They get used as starters for bonfires or other night activities such as making smoke and lighting paths.
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    another evergreen containership runs aground, this time in Chesapeake bay near Baltimore

    The investigation also found that the pilot only used one piece of equipment — his Portable Pilot Unit — to navigate the vessel and did not use any of the ships charts or equipment or navigational buoys that marked the channel’s southern turn. The report said that if the pilot had used “all...
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    Random PicThread

    Hawker Typhoon, mainly used as WW2 tank busters. Google says this photo was: A Hawker Typhoon Mark IB of No. 439 Squadron RCAF taxies through a water splash at B78/Eindhoven, Holland, while leaving its dispersal loaded with two 1,000-lb bombs for an attack on a rail target behind the German lines.
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    Trump in his own words

    Which was cleaned by immigrants being paid $11.96/hour. What could go wrong?
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    Trump 2024

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    Getting Rid of Good Stuff

    Try folding the sail over, wrap it in plastic in case the box tears, and using a Home Depot wardrobe box.
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    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    That's a good feeing - Congrats!
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    1/6 Committee

    So glad to hear Bannon is setting the precedent in probably getting 6 months for contempt. Makes it harder for tRump to get less.
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    1/6 Committee

    What we saw on TV was a presentation. For a report on an investigation. Which will lead to recommendations. For the DOJ to further investigate for potential indictments. That said, the volume of testimony and recorded evidence has resulted in convictions of the small fish, and now the Oath...
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    NFL 2022

    I present to you The Washington Commodes: LOL
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    Logo & T-shirt design on a budget

    This is priceless - Thanks!
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    Motorcycle Threads

    This is my "new" 2014 Super Tenere and has only 37,000+ after putting closer to 80,000-ish on the 2012. They are among the most reliable bikes ever built and despite the nay-sayers are pretty good off road for a nearly 600 lb machine. With the Mini-Mate pop-up camper trailer:
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    Motorcycle Threads

    28 m.o. Grand daughters' second time on a motorcycle with my son. This time she LOVED the horn button and after getting to twist the throttle a couple times with the engine running got off going broom broom. :love: She probably won't remember the previous time. :p
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    NFL 2022

    Nobody should be more embarrassed than DC. After all, we have the one and only Daniel "small hands" Snyder running the Washington Commodes Commies Water Closets (WC) ...
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    NFL 2022

    Can't believe the Washing Commodes (Commies) beat anybody, but do have confidence that with Snyder as owner they will once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    The evidence was there but Barr had just been appointed by tRump as Attorney General and a: "...federal judge sharply rebuked Barr's handling of Mueller's report, saying Barr had made "misleading public statements" to spin the investigation's findings in favor of Trump and had shown a "lack of...
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    GPS - For the Dog

    Some dogs just don't listen, regardless of all the training given, such as greyhounds and whippets. They're like little kids with ADD in chasing whatever interests them at the second. On subject: My son does a lot of off-leash running with his dobie-shepherd, did a bunch of research and...
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    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    I live in MD with a boat near Annapolis and have only been to that show. The only way to get around that weekend is on 2 wheels, be it bicycle or motorcycle. Motorcycles can almost get all the way to City Dock, where there will be a bunch of other bikes already parked. With 4 wheels? Not...

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