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    Nude Mr. April?

    definately not photoshopped saw it with my own eyes... and the front pager was for the ladies :) for full race report there were 4 elliot 5.9s out that day - 2 of them had trap setup from one of the guys 49er hence the guy trapping in the background.
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    Skandia Docklands and Geelong Regattas

    from the geelong week site ... will be great racing with the 3 tps - no doubt we'll see beau geste on the podium Series Entries Audi Series – AMS, IRC, EHC (including Leg 1 Audi IRC Aust Champs) BOAT NAME SAIL NO SKIPPER FROM DESIGN STATE ABSOLUT SM35 Terry Hall SYC Archambault 35 VIC...
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    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    ur a tool. wheres the pics. is it racing satday?
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    Pics and it happened

    have another rum little one... quack
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    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    oi saladdd can u smell that?
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    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    adams10 , and im pretty sure they won IRC AMS and VYC in Divvy 2 :)
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    New Ronstan Blocks

    I think you should post them to me for a go... i swear ill give them back next time i see u hehehe :P arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    i need new blocks

    when you dont have daddy or mummy paying for this stuff anymore these decisions do take a little longer ;)
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    i need new blocks

    u think? hmmm i dont know now.... :huh: :huh:
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    i need new blocks

    thanks for your opinions... this morning i ordered 2 new harken carbos... then i saw the post with the new ronstan autos! order cancelled :) ronstans apparently avail as of next month... anyone know for sure?
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    New Ronstan Blocks

    mmmm i want these now!!! apparently will be avail as of next month and cost less than the current ronstan blocks :)
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    i need new blocks

    have 60mm freds atm... getting pretty tired anyone used the harken carbo rachamatics ? they look sweeet or should i just stick with the fred/ronstans? your thoughts... thanks :D
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    Valentines Day gift, what's appropriate these daya?

    lol... id try this one first though!
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    Valentines Day gift, what's appropriate these daya?

    take her on a picnic!!! picnics are totally cute! as for a pressi... the rule is the little blue box or no box! :)
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    is it WEDNESDAY?

    :P hehehe nice one elle
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    Favorite pick up lines

    some of those are really cute!!!! works for me :)
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    Coming to University of Melbourne

    melb uni is pretty good... i went to rmit but i got a few friends that go there and no complaints :) as for sailing all the clubs have weekly racing i guess it just depends on whats more convenient and what type of racing u wanna do?... or if ur like me and undecided sail from all of them :D
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    Boy do sailors have a bad reputation

    rofl i know what u mean, i guess the sandy just cant handle the yachtys! but if ur thirsty go down a bit further to the edgy, they'll let anyone in! If i owned one of those rental properties i wouldnt let aussies stay in it! not after seeing those beautiful houses in hammo trashed both this...
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    I need a Valentine

    ahh yer that too :D
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    I need a Valentine

    a wat?

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