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  1. TarheelSailor

    Is the Duck Dodge dead?

    Where does one get information on the 2023 schedule for the Duck Dodge “Race” on Lake Union in Seattle? The site does not appear to have been updated in years.
  2. TarheelSailor

    Great storm footage WWII--Battleship New Jersey channel Youtube

    It doesn't look like a toy when it's letting off a full broadside with those 16" guns. The shockwave knocked my helo off heading and I was over a mile away.
  3. TarheelSailor

    Idiot sailor of the day...

    Looks like any sunny Sunday afternoon at the USS Midway on San Diego Bay.
  4. TarheelSailor

    Does this boat belong to someone here?

    Cerulean Blue?
  5. TarheelSailor

    Worrying about my swing keel cable hose

    Call Catalina Direct and ask them what type of hose they recommend for Catalina 25 swing keels and why. Be patient, may be hard to get through these days.
  6. TarheelSailor

    great canadian and US Coast guard rescue

    Early nomination for the Naval Helicopter Association (NHA) 2021 Crew of the Year!
  7. TarheelSailor

    Sailing in Raleigh?

    Jordan Lake at Bells, NC today. The Crosswinds Boating Center is mostly under water as well. No lake sailing today.
  8. TarheelSailor

    Sailing Bucket List

    Convince my sailing averse daughter to sail with me on one of MIT's Lynx Catboats on the Charles River during her graduation weekend there this May.
  9. TarheelSailor

    Maritime Art Anarchy

  10. TarheelSailor

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. This picture of one of Elusive's many wins over Anarchy is art to me.
  11. TarheelSailor

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    I have fond memories of those trial horses. My ship, USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), was anchored off of Perth for 10 days between the end of Louis Vitton Cup and the beginning of the America's Cup proper. Dennis sent two of them out to take our enlisted sailors for rides. Huge thrill.

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