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    moving a 51' mast in San Diego, who to call?

    From where in SD to Driscoll's?
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    Surfing a Catalina 27

    ^This. This guy didn't have one but I was told a long time ago always step up into the life raft.
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    Go Fund Me has been set up for Hobot - please donate.

    Done. Seems only fair for all the hours of enjoyment I got from his awesome photos. Best of luck Hobot, get well soon mate.
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    how old are you?

    Haha, just checked and it's 17 years today, it's my SA Anniversary.
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    Prada Cup

    Yes. In the Finn
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    cd aqn
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    INEOS Team GB

    Isn't this how every America's Cup is won?
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    Woolsey Fire Helicopter Rescue LA Fire Helmet Cam

    Just fucking WOW! Big balls and an awesome job
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    Swim Call

    Did the Navy "All Hands" swim with the RNZN back in the 80's during WestPacs, coastal deliveries and deliveries back from the UK and also close to NZ where the water is a lot cooler. It was always a great time. I've also jumped over the side in the middle of the Pacific while sailing our 38'...
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    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    The slime line is weird, but after 5 months why does the antifouling look a pristine blue?
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    Speaking of flying.....

    Dude. Sellotape.
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    Advice needed! Damage from racing

    ^ FFS yes, this is Kiwi agreeing with an Aussie. Let's stop with these f'ng posts
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    Golf Vacation

    ^ Charleston. Can't go wrong. My wife's from Charleston, we lived there before moving to SoCal. Food, housing, water right there, and the golf courses within 90 minutes will more than make you happy.
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    Tell Us How You REALLY Feel About Ocean Sunfish

    I sailed a Sunfish from St Maarten to St Barts once. 1989, working on the now gone Sir Francis Drake, It was my day off, may or may not have told the skipper. They passed me on the way over, he may or may not have been pissed. Long time ago, was a lot of fun back then.
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    Los Angeles Chargers

    Shouldn't the Chargers have employed some seat fillers for their media day today?
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    Water Tank Issue on a Catalina 42 MKII

    Check your PM for my email address. Had a similar issue on a 2000 model Mk II
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    America's Cup on US cable TV Sunday May 8

    Fuck you NBCSN you fucking fucktard morons.
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    A thread for those who are Happy they paid for the App

    Fuck you NBCSN you fucking fucktard morons.
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    ACWS New York - May 6, 7, 8 2016

    Fuck you NBCSN you fucking fucktard morons.
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    Commercial break during ACWS NY....sigh....

    Fuck you NBCSN you fucking fucktard morons.

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