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  1. Cruiser

    Assassin Moth?

    You should get in touch with the Singapore moth sailors. They will help you find a boat.
  2. Cruiser

    Question for mothies

    I trail my boats with parts in the car and it takes 15 min to rig once you're good at it. Not that long. Boom stays on the boat.
  3. Cruiser

    Where to get Prepreg?

    Lookup Newport composites (pre preg manufacturers) and ask them who sells their materials. Made in USA.
  4. Cruiser

    Peoples foiler?

    Not really a happening boat. Not really foiling or shown to foil. Not really easy if you have to build it yourself. And probably not really cheap if produced seriously.
  5. Cruiser

    single handed dinghy available in Australia

    Sabre. Forget the RS stuff, leave that to the UK sailors. We don't need any more classes!
  6. Cruiser

    West Aussie Dinghy scene

    WA moth fleet is growing well at last. We have had 12 boats at the state championships for the past two seasons and there is 5 others talking of joining the fleet for next summer. The class is well supported by local moth builder John Ilett and sail maker Phil Smith from Avalon sails so it's...
  7. Cruiser

    Tiwal - a foldable dinghy

    looks good to me.
  8. Cruiser

    International Moth Plans?

    I also vote that you should buy a used moth and get into the class before trying to build one without an intimate knowledge. They are a lot of work to make and very structural, if you were to spend the time making one the first time and you brought it to a regatta (if it does not break) you...
  9. Cruiser

    what is it?

  10. Cruiser

    epoxy and small pinholes

    Two methods I have used. 1- epoxy primer applied with a roller. 2- epoxy primer applied with a rag. Both methods kind of force the paint into the porosity where brushing or spraying will not. Once sanded it should be ok to spray with other materials.
  11. Cruiser

    Pocket luff vs bolt rope

    But it wasn't quite strong enough considering the step blew a hole through the side of the hull?
  12. Cruiser

    Pocket luff vs bolt rope

    Fair enough but then an unstayed rig will also have a much stronger and heavier hull too. Not all soft sail rigs have spreaders either, so helps the soft sail with less weight and less windage than with spreaders. Play on.
  13. Cruiser

    Pocket luff vs bolt rope

    Typical soft sails are just on 4kg or less inc battens Stiff skinny masts are about 2.5kg Stiff booms are 1.6kg Total soft sail rig is near 8kg so your 10.5kg wing mast rig is over 25% heavier.
  14. Cruiser

    Pocket luff vs bolt rope

    I know it's been done, I was competing in that regatta. (you have misunderstood my meaning) But going fast in a straight line in-between tacks and gybes is not fast enough. Currently the moths seem to be sailing on the edge of control where they reduce their gearing (and control) to reduce...
  15. Cruiser

    Pocket luff vs bolt rope

    For comparing the A class and moth pocket rigs I think the main reason you wont see a wing mast or any wing rig soon is that the moth is not as stable to manage as a cat. The cat design can handle the power but for the moth this probable extra swinging rig weight and less forgiving power will...
  16. Cruiser

    Laser with Wingsail/Foils Or Both

    Just go and get a moth then you can test your innovations amongst a fleet rather sailing on your own? You will also get well informed advice, feedback etc.
  17. Cruiser

    Moth Design

    It may be hypothetical but I am pretty sure I am right on this and what would happen at a regatta.. So for a serious soft sail issue like that as said you would come in and get a spare, if not your own there would certainly be plenty of willing helpers to lend you a spare. If a serious...
  18. Cruiser

    Moth Design

    In this case I would use my spare soft sail and still get out for the next race. Meanwhile your regatta may be over since I don't imagine you will have a spare wing rig or enough time for your epoxy repair to cure??
  19. Cruiser

    Moth Design

    And while you are waiting for your epoxy to set my gaffa tape repaired sail is back out on the course for those back to back races. If your wing is not too badly damaged then it may get by with gaffa tape too?
  20. Cruiser

    Moth Design

    Not a fan of the wing rigs simply that they are so impractical. Not only an issue for freight to regattas but every time you want to go sailing at your home waters, what to do with the rig and storage? The boats can't transport on a simple box trailer as they are now. The wings also require so...

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