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  1. MisterMoon


    Also planning to see Lyle Lovett and his large band at Symphony Hall this fall. I've loved his music for damn near 30 years and have never seen him live. We're all getting old, so it's time.
  2. MisterMoon


    We don't like going to really big shows, instead preferring to see interesting acts in smaller venues. Only two on the list right now, but that could change as new shows are announced. Penny and Sparrow in a few weeks: And one of our favorite live acts (but not until April, unfortunately)...
  3. MisterMoon

    Google ads everywhere? WTF?

    Put an ad blocker on your browser.
  4. MisterMoon

    Scooter's Porno Pop Up Ads...Disgusting

    Install an ad-blocker. Problem solved.
  5. MisterMoon

    Sea birds

    No chicken houses in Cobb. We have a zillion birds in back yard, including a very active Coopers hawk a several barred owls who feast on the squirrels and chipmunks attracted by all the birdseed my wife puts out for the songbirds. where is Tritium? and the beach at Long Beach is positively...
  6. MisterMoon

    Sea birds

    So I’m in Long Beach, CA this week. I’ve been walking and running in the beach daily since Saturday. There are no birds. No seagulls, sandpipers, pelicans, heck there are not even pigeons. It feels wrong. The absence of bird sounds is now all I can hear.
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    Random PicThread

  8. MisterMoon

    Random PicThread

    Thanks. Surprisingly crude. I guess it had to be that way to center the plug in the combustion chamber without going to two cams. I'm surprised there aren't rollers. Maybe the aftermarket?
  9. MisterMoon

    Random PicThread

    What is the rocker arm arrangement on that contraption? I can’t figure it out.
  10. MisterMoon

    Random PicThread

    I'm peripherally in the FR biz. There are all kinds of FRs with varying degrees of toxicity. One of our big businesses is self extinguishing hydraulic fluids for power generation and avaition. These are all phosphate esters and pretty safe, safer than having a fire in a coal fired or nuclear...
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    Monadnocks are cool.
  12. MisterMoon

    How to pack a laptop

    And Lotus 123 on two 5.25" floppies. Good times...
  13. MisterMoon

    SV Seeker

    A friend sighted Seeker two weeks ago in Big Lagoon, near Pensacola.
  14. MisterMoon

    How to pack a laptop

    THIS ^^^^ My laptops go everywhere in a backpack and they aren't treated all that well and yet still survive. I leave the dongle 100% of the time, too. 25+ years and hundreds of flights....
  15. MisterMoon

    Gas mileage different?

    A tailwind going up and a headwind on return could easily account for the difference. I’m much more acutely aware of this phenomenon when towing my camper. Last week we had 15-20 mph east winds on a westbound journey of about 200 miles and got 8.5 mpg. On the return we had light and variable...
  16. MisterMoon

    In Death and Dying (again)

    I had the same wish when my father died, and still feel the same guilt 9 years later. He was dying of respiratory failure. With no hope of recovery, we decided to take him off the ventilator and let him go. They kept him on oxygen after removing the ventilator. it seemed to me it was only...
  17. MisterMoon

    Nudity is sin

    To paraphrase the late great Lewis Grizzard: ’naked‘ is when you ain’t wearing any clothes and ‘nekkid‘ is when you ain’t wearing any clothes and you’re up to something. Michelangelo’s David is just plain naked.
  18. MisterMoon

    Everglades Challenge 2023

    It wasn’t red tide. my guts were rerouted about 12 years ago to remove a large tumor in my colon (benign). Since then I’ve had issues with scar tissue sometimes causing partial intestinal blockages. it’s especially exacerbated if I eat too many nuts too quickly. it wasn’t nausea at all, but...
  19. MisterMoon

    Everglades Challenge 2023

    2023 Race report from Mistermoon and Thurmadillo. Hobie TI double male. We launched Plan B at the Anna Maria bridge, cutting about 8 miles off the full course. We had ok winds on the first day, but in our face. Tacked down to the Cortez bridge but were able to run most of the way down Sarasota...
  20. MisterMoon

    Random PicThread

    My dad was in all that stuff in Vietnam and Laos early on ca. 1960-61. Army intelligence, but based on what he told us before he died, it appeared he was part of some CIA operation doing stuff that wasn't legal. No US uniform, no insignia, clandestine combat, etc. He apparently had some PTSD...

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