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    Commodores Cup

    Obviously i pissed in his cornflakes! Why me? Why are you picking on me? Some people are v pro mills or v pro kerr, i dont see you being nasty to them!
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    British IRC Nationals

    I thought we were meant to talk about sailing on sailing anarchy! Why do you have such a chip on your shoulder? Im guessing: 1) You are a failed yacht designer. 2) You are one of John Corby's ex girlfriends 3) You have an issue with the fact that you are never going to be able to afford a...
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    Corby v Mills

    Hang on a minute. If you read my post you will see that what i have stated is actually fact, not opinion! Also, I am highly offended that you dont think me capable of writing own my own. I did go to school and i do follow sailing, therefore i think you are being highly derogatory about me. I am...
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    Corby v Mills

    Surely its the performance thats important rather than the number of boats in a regatta. You could claim that with only 1 Corby, the chance of success was much slimmer.... Mills had many more chances, with 3 brand new boats. In the commodores cup, the all mills team didnt even make the top 3 if...
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    Stimson 42

    Boyfriend... What boyfriend? Whoever you are, i did certainly not meet you with a boyfriend at the CC welcome party. I think someone may have their wires a little crossed. Also, is it not possible for me to have an opinion on the topic?
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    Commodores Cup

    What about the fact that the previous Blondie beat Roark last time around? Dont we need to take that into account before passing judgement on whether it would make the top 5.. Maybe someone is bitter about not winning their class?
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    Stimson 42

    Golly gosh, isnt someone bitter. JC wouldn't have got to where he is today had he not been a talented yacht designer. Whether he was given family money or not is irrelevent to his success.... You obviously have a chip on your shoulder and need to get over it. If Stimsons boats were fast, people...
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    British IRC Nationals

    If Mills is 0 and Ker 1, then Corby must be 2 because his Rosie design won the entire event. Good result for a bunch of Howth boys with the boatbuilder calling the tacticks and an annual budget that wouldn't last a weekend on some of the new boats.
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    Corby 37 Blondie

    Onwards, yes certainly. Upwards.... maybe.
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    Pub guide to cowes

    Are you serious? The painters is full of non sailors looking for a fight.... normal dress is a nice adidas tracksuit. Not the place to go if you are looking for a civilised drink.
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    Corby 39

    Its such a shame that some people are unable to be happy for others. With a disabled owner, doesnt he have the right to say he feels more comfortable with the wheel. The boat is beautiful, and all i can say is that there is obviously some jelously around. Grow up. If you cant say anything nice...
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    Club Colona, Anyone been recently

    Sunsail resorts are great, and you will all have a great time, but if your wife doesnt sail then you would be better off with one of the european resorts, they have more to offer other than sailing.
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    which boat to buy

    If you want a small boat which is a good race boat, your best option would most likely be a Corby 26.