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    that sinking feeling

    The new waterline will hurt our rating
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    Post Chi-Mac Racing

    The Verve is the major event after the MAC in Chicago. Harbor Springs has a fine regatta the week post Mac. also the Menominee 100 miler
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    Rhodes 19 Anarchy

    Contact Mike Lane the class President.
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    Movie- Wind question

    I skippered one of those boats and we did not motor backwards
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    Rhodes 19 not stored with keel blocked

    The question is not the blocked keel but the ribs and bolts.   Many old R 19's have had rib and bolt replacement. Find out the history of storage and maintenance  then get someone familiar with R 19's to survey the boat and equipment.  Are the fittings old or upgraded?  Are the sails old or...
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    Sailing Bucket List

    Go to the website and find crew finder to post your availability
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    Lake Michigan waves

    Different "Prontos" Last one on Lake was J 111
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    Doyle vs. Quantum #3

    Ask each sailmaker about their experience with your design.  What is the brand of your mainsail?  Go with the sailmaker that made your main if there is a match.
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    SYDNEY 40 AC

    The 38 under PHRF is best in moderate and heavy air. Weakest in close reaching because of the small jib. The 41 is best in light and moderate. Strong in close reaching because of large foretriangle. The 38 is much easier to sail.  Forget the 40 if you can get a 38.
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    Chicago Area III

    MORF Open got in one race Sunday races cancelled
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    Chicago Area III

    New RC that had wrong NOR
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    Chicago Area III

    Wanda, formerly of Area 3 Wanda first race 2014.tiff
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    O'Day 19, not the 192

    They are not competitive in light air. Where are you sailing?
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    Windy City June 2012

    Offshore is race to Waukegan on Saturday and return on Sunday.
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    Explain how this happened

    Now which rule applies when both boats are on port going in opposite directions?
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    caption contest

    cockpit to foredeck Set the heavy reacher!
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    Chicago Area III

    Waukegan:Chicago winds.tiff
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    Automatic cleat to release sheet in a puff?

    I patented a cam cleat the pivoted in two planes in the late 1960's in the US. I saw it in action on a large cat in the 1970's. Because the market was so small I did not prosecute the offenders or try to commercialize it myself. On the cat it was set to release at 14 degrees heel.
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    Do it yourself at Alameda and SAVE or Regarding the power outage at mid-day---Sorry for any inconvenience.
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