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    Best Boat for Sailing Backwards

    Does sailing backward upwind count? If so, I like the Butterfly
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    How many classes know where Hull #1 is

    I saw Interlake hull #1 sail in a portsmouth handicap regatta about 10 years ago. It was so beautiful it looked like it belonged in a glass box. Doug Bradford did the restoration on the all-wood racer. I don't know who owns it or how competitive it would be sailing one-design, but it sure was an...
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    Oil Spill Model

    I thought you meant this type of model...
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    Oshkosh AirAdventure 2009

    No reason you can't see the airshow and go sailing. Get in touch with the Fond du Lac sailing club with enough interest and ask for an "Airshow Regatta"
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    Melges 17 SA thread...

    Is anyone sailing a M-17 portsmouth to verify the numbers? I've sailed the 17 and have sailed portsmouth against it (in an I-20 scow) and I think the numbers might be a bit optimistic? I've also sailed a 505. The 505 is faster - no question - but scow sailing is so different and enjoyable. If...
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    POS discussion- 15' MFG Bandit

    Can't say I've sailed the 15', but the 17' can be a handfull in a breeze. It's pretty light and responsive - at least more so than it looks like it should be. Hiking straps need to be added and a long hiking stick if you're going out sailing in more than 12 knots. The boat is wide, but with the...
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    Chinese Junk Sailing Ship split in half by a freighter

    No outrage because of fear that the captain of the freighter might have been a law enforcement officer from California and through a phony investigation declare the skipper of the Junk intoxicated and sailing without proper navigation lights. Leave well enough alone to avoid further prosecution.
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    Sailor Weight and Youth Boats

    The Butterfly has been around since the 60's, crew weight up to 180 is very competitive, and they make a great, inexpensive, adult one-design boat because you're you don't have to be contorted to sail it. It's truly a boat kids and adults can have fun in. ...and it's a scow...
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    -. --- / --- -. . / -... --- - .... . .-. . -.. ..--..

    ... --- .... --- .-- -- .- -. -.-- --- ..-. -.-- --- ..- .- -.-. - ..- .- .-.. .-.. -.-- -.- -. --- .-- -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . .-- . .-.. .-.. . -. --- ..- --. .... - --- .- -.-. - ..- .- .-.. .-.. -.-- .-. . .- -.. - .... .. ... ... - ..- ..-. ..-. ..--...
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    A Scows

    So Wellington, are you saying that there was an non-negotiated indemnity agreement that is causing this latest stir of the pot? Clearly, terms of indemnification would have been discussed during mediation and attorney's for both sides must have discussed language for a reasonable...
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    A Scows

    Is this really true?
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    A Scows

    Careful... That's what caused this mess in the first place. You want one design, you've got it. Wood boats, glass boats, aluminum masts, carbon masts, whatever you want to call one design. Now, be smart and define this "gradual change" that you find acceptable in your scantlings before someone...
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    President Jobson?

    I've met Gary only twice, but both times he was a stand-up guy who seemed quite in touch with the "average" sailor. I wish him the best of luck.
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    Quantum Inland?

    Anyone know what the deal is with Quantum Inland? The Delafield loft no longer exists on the web site? They on vacation?
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    A Scows

    So if the A-scow class has always been one-design, as Huggy suggests, and all of the A-scows from all time - wooden and fiberglass - fit the scantlings, and now in the "new" one design class all all the A-scows from all time - wooden and fiberglass - EXCEPT Brads boat fit the current scantlings...
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    A Scows

    There should be a motion to hold court and A-boats an the proceedings can be recorded with the helmet cam.
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    A Scows

    Remember, we're a republic, not a democracy. ;)
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    A Scows

    Huggy, you do bring some interesting perspectives to the table. We gotta sit down and have a beer sometime. One pays an "individual membership" to join the ILYA, and clubs pay a "club membership". In the ILYA, like most non-profits, the members do not vote on corporation business - only the...
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    A Scows

    Does one need to be an ILYA member to build an ILYA class legal boat? I don't believe that was the case when the Robinson molds were built (at that time I don't think there was any formal approval process). I'm guessing that Robinson included the member stuff in his complaint so to indicate...
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    A Scows

    Good point. The reference you made was when the ILYA deposed Brad. The plaintif rebuttal clearly reminds the judge that Brad is not an attorney and questions Brad answered regarding the law were inappropriate questions since Brad personally has not been recognized as a legal expert...

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