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    Melges 24 - Rig Setup

    Thanks BrightAyes, no issues getting the caps right, problem is needing to wait for Base Setting weather conditions required to sight to the 3/4inch sag on the mast, to get the base for the inners before going out in other conditions. At least the method above gets us in the ballpark, but open...
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    Melges 24 - Rig Setup

    Thanks for that guidance and the link. Ill give it a go!
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    Melges 24 - Rig Setup

    Hi, I know rig tuning on Melges 24 has been discussed to death but any good tips on getting finding base setting on the lowers. I know the North guide called for 3/4 inch sag on base settings (16 on the loos on caps) but getting out with the right wind conditions to find base is proving...
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    DIY Engine Monitoring System

    Looks fantastic, Do you have any photos of it installed?
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    Carbon Monoxide Detector (Battery Powered)?

    Plenty on eBay I just picked one up that seems to work. Search for CO alarm
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    Removing hatch

    Awesome, Thankyou. Piano wire ready to try next weekend. I have not yet found anti bond in Australia but I'll keep looking. I'll report back on success Thanks again.
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    Removing hatch

    Any advice for removing a hatch the idiot (me) owner bedded with Sikaflex into timber? Alex
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    Backing Plate spec

    Hi, I am trying to spec backplates and hardware such that I confident the hardware will fail before the deck fitting. Trying to be a little scientific about this I figure the following; Assuming say - 10mm marine ply decking - ultimate tensile strength = 15MPa (Ive seen figures as low as 5...
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    iSteer - iPhone Control of your Autopilot

    No stock of the NMEA bridge?
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    Butyl Tape Accept not substitute, it is excellent, easy to work with whilst the result is not always as immaculate as well laid sika the ability to remove and re-bed at will is worth every second you spend trying to get hold of the stuff. Read the...
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    Sourcing Butyl Tape

    Well I followed all the advice provided to the letter.... and people think I need help. Maine, I've sent you a PM. Thanks!
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    Sourcing Butyl Tape

    Hi, Does anyone know a source of Butyl Tape for Australians? I have been around roofing and glass shops but so far no luck. Cheers, Alex