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    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    Another reason to make sure you know your vendor.  Custom wrappers for 18650 cells are readily available: What you see may not be what you get.  :( Earl
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    the end of certainty

    The kiss of death for any sport or recreational activity: "How can we monetize this thing?" Earl
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    Radio controlled sailing

    John's response posted while I was typing. If I am race director and I see an incident like that I will protest yellow and DSQ the skipper. If other skippers complain and I didn't see the incident, and the skippers are reluctant to file a protest, I will hold a skippers meeting and remind them...
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    Radio controlled sailing

    Well, there are three issues here and it doesn't help to conflate them One is whether the race organizers have the right to exempt rule 31. They do. The second is whether exempting rule 31 is the proximate cause of the pileups at the weather mark. I have no idea whether this is case, I do not...
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    Radio controlled sailing

    Well, first, I don't know where you get the idea that anybody here is advocating breaking rules. After all, when I wrote the Constitution for the RG65 class in the USA I began it with the phrase "friendly competition in the Corinthian Spirit," which is precisely what the QRYA article advocates. ...
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    Radio controlled sailing

    Let me assure you that if any of the top 5 1OM skippers shows up at our obscure little venue, we will not invoke the rule 31 exemption. And I certainly do not advocate or evangelize the exemption for any other venue. Every situation is different. Cheers, Earl
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    Radio controlled sailing

    Our sailing is a loooong way down from the IOM Worlds  :D Cheers, Earl
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    Radio controlled sailing

    I agree that rule 31 exemptions should be the exception, but there are circumstances where it pays to be flexible in this regard. One is where you are sailing with a number of beginners and the exemption gives them one less thing to worry about in the already intimidating process of rounding a...
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    Conception Charges against Captain

    "Temple to the Wind" by Christopher Pastore: Terrific book. Cheers, Earl
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Well, they sure took the Vorticism (the artistic movement that led to dazzle camouflage) to heart. I doubt that any of the original dazzle camoufleurs would approve of the symmetry, however. Cheers, Earl
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    "Testing leads to failure and failure leads to understanding" -- Burt Rutan Cheers, Earl
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    Team NYYC

    As the event draws closer the number of newbies should increase and IMHO the adverse impact of trolling will increase proportionately. As a mod elsewhere, my policy is to deny trolls not only their access but their posterity. That includes posts that quote them and add nothing but a reaction...
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    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    TOM and Phyllis Sopwith doing a Vanderbilt Start. From "A starting maneuver where a boat heads away from her intended starting point on a broad reach for a pre-determined time, jibes, sails close-hauled, and then arrives at the start line at full speed just as the starting gun...
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    Radio controlled sailing

    Really good introduction to the rules by the Miami club using drone footage: Cheers Ear
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    When it took railroad cars to carry the dollars it took to pay for it

    Christopher Pastore wrote a great book about Reliant: Cheers, Earl
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    Radio controlled sailing

    A welcome move. Cheers, Earl
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    Radio controlled sailing

    Tip for mark rounding: the waterline test. If, in your field of vision, the waterline of your boat is above the waterline of the mark, you're going to pass behind the mark. If the waterline of   your boat is below the waterline of the mark, you're going to pass in front (miss) the mark...
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    Older well known IOR Boats

     The Internet Archive has eased the rules for the "National Emergency Library" and instead of just one image of a scanned book being accessible worldwide at a time, now anybody can "check out" any copy in the archive. This means that the classic 1937 treatise on rule makers vs. rule beaters "Men...
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    Valuable PSA: Earl
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    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    Yeah, you're right, I should have made the distinction. This is worth reading: Earl

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