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    Is Sunfish Race right for me?

    Check out RS Dinghies. What dinghies are available to race in your area? The MC Scow is also great class for anyone interested in going fast but not tipping over every other minute. Super stable vessel in my opinion
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    Best options for an instrument package for a 28' PHRF boat for inshore racing?

    I believe Vakaros Connects to Wireless WindSensors and Transducers. With that, I like the idea of no maintenance or installation costs sending wires up and down the mast. I was thinking of trying there wind sensor for training purposes on my MC but I think its a bit big for the top of my mast. I...
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    I have an E Scow and MC Scow and use the A2 on both. I used to run the Prostart as starting device on the E scow with a tactic compass on top. I found this to be a pretty good solution until I bought the Atlas. Major difference for me was the screen display, you could actually see it with or...
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    Vakaros Night Mode!!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to access the Night Sailing Mode by Vakaros???? Atlas 2 Feature?
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    Laser Tech - Vakaros (Atlas 2)

    Would this work for my laser? Is it legal? Vakaros team says yes but i honestly don't know.
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    MC Scow - Atlas 2 (Vakaros)

    I am new MC sailor from lake Hopatcong, nj and I will be in attendance for the MC Scow Nationals 2022. Curious question here, is the Atlas 2 by Vakaros legal for the MC Class? Vakaros says it but I don't trust them. Here is the screen display I will have been using. What are your thoughts? I...

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