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    One of the best ads ever. Sexy AF.

    I did not start this thread, but am 100% affiliated with the Rodent and am more than willing to talk about the boat and sailing vs. working. The boat has been measured a couple times for an international ORC cert so all the information on the boat is there and public. If people want to see all...
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    Donovan 26 OD, Proven PHRF and ORC winner now in One Design Configuration

    It has been a blast in Milwaukee with the fleet, against a great group!! Time for someone else to build a team and have as much fun as we have had with it!!
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    Donovan 26 OD, Proven PHRF and ORC winner now in One Design Configuration

    These really are great boats. Just posted Hull #5 “Feisty Rodent” for sale in the classifieds, it is a 100% turnkey program with more spares parts and sails than I know what to do with. The end of the day adult life and too many boats got in the way. The boat has barely been used since the end...
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    Donovan 26 OD, Proven PHRF and ORC winner now in One Design Configuration

    It was a fun Saturday in Milwaukee.  We really struggle upwind in the light bumpy stuff.  When the larger boats are forced to switch to a smaller jib things even up some going upwind.  Downwind I think there are one 2-3 boats in the entire fleet including section 1 that can put distance on us. ...
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    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    That looks like the rating for the 28 not the 23. I would expect it to fall between the Melges 24 and a J70.
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    Oracle AC72

    Is it me or does it look like there is a push-rod similar to what you see on moth foils for the flap in the shot you can see the port rudder. Also looks to be allot of AOA on the horizontal foil, but it may just the the angle.
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    Foil Cams

    Been down the nosedive upwind problem. Came down to a combination of riding too high and the stock wand being way to soft. Also the Assassin feels more forgiving to sail with more windward heal than my BR, so the main foil tip breaks the surface quite easily if you get too greedy with height...
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    Assassin moth price jump

    Yup that is my boat. I did not get the Doyle sail. Just using it to test the rig in the boat.
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    Assassin moth price jump

    Along with covers that were not in the original price. Take out air freight 900-1100 USD Cover about 900 USD Yes there has been a small price increase from the original price, but there are changes be made to the boat to improve the design. In the end I think it is worth the money.
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    Assassin Moth in US

    Sure. No problem I am sure I can hunt down a video camra. I will take some and get them posted when I get back on the 10th.
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    Assassin Moth in US

    Price point I cannot help with. Yes the boat itself does have a much more cost friendly construction compared to my last boat. I like the more rugged/simple construction and systems of this boat. It feels very able to take a 25 knot crash along with any other abuse we put these boats through...
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    Assassin Moth in US

    I currently have the first Assassin in the US at the moment. Sorry I have been a little quite, but the boat arrived a week before my wedding so I have only been able to get a couple of hours in on the boat. I get back from Europe in a couple of day, then a quick business trip, then I have allot...
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    Why Keels Fall Off.

    That only applies if the bolt stiffness and the stiffness of the two surfaces being bolted together are the same. Everything stretches and compresses at different rates. If there are two sets of bolts torque to 50% breaking strength one in an aluminum flange one in steel, the steel flange will...
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    mothing really

    My boat ships today so I do not expect to see it till next week. I plan to get it together durring lunch monday and tuesday next week and give it a try by wednesday. Off course this plan relies on the very reliabe timing of international shipping. I am sure I will have a thread asking for...
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    mothing really

    I fully agree, my moth is supposed to ship Monday and I am hoping to get some sailing in before it freezes up here. It would be nice to have a list of US owners and their locations. I am in Milwaukee, and from what I understand there is one in Detroit then some on the east coast.
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    Solo Swift Sailors

    I was talking to some of the solo swift sailors at the Madison Skiff Challenge who told me that some swifts plan to go to Florida this winter for some events. Are these events being held for only solo swifts or are they open to other single handed skiffs? I single hand a Vector and I would...
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    Lake Mich. Boats planning 2007 Bayview Mack.

    I will be coming up to play for the Bayview Mac this year.
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    I will be there on Goblin to help keep Grinder in line.
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    Tartan 10 Nats

    Second race of day two Sisi had deck failure under the rig. Pushed the mast about 6 inches into the deck and cracked it from rail to rail at the aft end of the foward hatch.
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    Chicago Mac Race Old Goat counter

    I am at 13 for Chicago. I know Liz I (Capper's granddaughter ) has me by a two or three.

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