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    Convince Me To Buy A Chartplotter!

    Have you looked at sailorhat for the pi? I'm going to try and use it for instruments into my pi4
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    What's Up in California?

    I had 20 of my employees on the road on downtown sf on Wed. Was nutty, I sent everyone home early and driving over the bridges took full concentration. Some counties had a shelter in place order. Wet winter, we're at about 3 weeks with rain almost every day.
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    Speccing an OpenCpn based "boat system"

    That's a good one! I started my engine a few times and my pc didn't shut off, but maybe that's bc I have a 880 Ah battery pack (don't know cranking amps) or maybe I got lucky. Do you have a link for an example p/s?
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    Speccing an OpenCpn based "boat system"

    what type of charts are windows only? I wanted to go with windows but seems like there's just way more options with the pi. I want to add lots of temp sensors for the engine, and then wind instruments to opencpn. got sailorhat and a pi, now need to install. already have wifi/4g water sensors...
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    Speccing an OpenCpn based "boat system"

    My windows pc is located in the binnacle, semi protected and I sprayed the mobo in conformal coating to increase its weather resistance. on my list to add dielectric grease to all connectors. duplicated the monitor with long hdmi run to the nav station. 1 year later and it's all still working...
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    Speccing an OpenCpn based "boat system"

    I'm working on doing exactly this. None of my sensors are hooked up yet and I'm running windows opencpn at the moment. So far have the touch screen and radar working with opencpn. pypilot is also incredible with it's steering capabilities. Garmin xhd radar relatively easy to hook up following...
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    How far have autopilots come in 10 years?

    Don't know pcnautic however I can talk about the 3 autopilots I've used. Raymarine st2000+ on a 23 cruiser, worked soso with good sail trim on a finicky boat. My Legend 40.5 has an ST6000, which helmed like a drunk child. Oops too far to the left. Oops too far to the right. Ooops too far to the...
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    Cruising a Beneteau 40.7

    Sure but I think it was even mentioned in this thread that some connect the pan with dollops of bonding material. On my old boat I found out that more bonding meant a much stiffer boat
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    Cruising a Beneteau 40.7

    I've always been fascinated by the keep-pan vs stick built methods, pros and cons. My last boat was an O'Day 23-2. Slow, but shallow draft was nice. 2.5 feet meant i could anchor away from everyone else in the SF bay. Liner pan built. I bonded the pan to the hull below the chain plates (maybe...
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    Can you ever get the holding tank completely clean?

    Smell is probably from hoses, unless they're the nicer rubbery kind. The cheaper vinyl kind can saturate. Proper fix is to replace with butyl or trident 102, the more expensive type. However if you really don't use the head, then try this with lots of flushing.
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    Ugly dodger collection

    Richmond CA. Loving neighbors
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    Anyone here ever lost a prop?

    When I was a poor kid (5 years ago) and was using an old British Seagull (monetary reasons... also for the ridiculous factor) I learned this lesson. Lost prop going out the marina once. Also a few times in a skinny (few boat lengths wide) rocky channel. I always do this now. 3 knots wind would...
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    Has the Raymarine autopilot thinking process improved?

    I want to note that I've had an autohelm 3000 (?) and a new raymarine 2000+. Both worked with a limited intelligence. Sail balance was crucial. Just installed pypilot, and it's absolutely light years ahead! Steers better than some helmsmen...downwind unbalanced too.
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    How well does an Iridium Go work without an external antenna?

    I had this happen as I was testing it at home in my neighborhood. What was happening is that with no router password on the Go, another device was connecting to the wifi and kicking me off. Was driving me crazy. I had to restart wifi on my phone and the Go. Adding a wifi password solved it.
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    Open Source Marine Linux for Raspberry Pi

    Listed as 1000 nit, far brighter than my 350 nit laptop, but the real test will be socal or Mexico in the summer, not SF in the winter. similar to this without the extra bezel lip...
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    Open Source Marine Linux for Raspberry Pi

    I bought a 10.1 *resistive* display, ip67, standard vesa mount for $500 off alibaba. 120v and 12v waterproof power supply and cables. Thick bezels but otherwise seems great. Should work better than your MFD under wet conditions. I chose that over multi touch.  Opencpn works fine but need to...
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    Monterey to SF August 29th

    Hi all! I'm looking to potentially buy a 32' turn key condition sail boat in Monterey on  Friday or Saturday.  It looks like the winds are southerly for a downwind route on Saturday. Even then, I am fine to use the motor to get us there In a timely fashion. Send me a dm if your intrested in...
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    Yrvind's Off

    Love his mindset.  "THE SMALL BOAT FAVORS A MEANINGFUL LIFE" and in his YouTube video, he's ready with 120 days of sardines and muesli.
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    Beefing up Hull structure in Liner-Built Boats - experience and possibilities

    Did you inject the foam yourself? Is the creaking coming from bulkheads and furniture? To me creaking seems unacceptable...
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    Beefing up Hull structure in Liner-Built Boats - experience and possibilities

    I tried his technique when I cut and installed a new bulkhead. I ended up using a different method and actually had to cut the bulkhead in two with a third piece to stitch the two pieces together...but very strong.