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    moderate performance dinghy

    Two entirely different boats. The Vanguard weighs more than twice the Raider but will carry a small family to a beach party. The Raider is easier to rig, launch and store and will get you to the beach party quicker sailing solo or a light crew. As stated above, you need more of your...
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    When are they no longer a dinghy?

    All in fun but the answer is : A dinghy is a person who cant figure out the REAL answer:cool:
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    Fast 1 Person Dinghy

    If your willing to add a trap (which you already know this is a lot more involved than an attachment point to the mast) and not against adding wings, then modifying a 29er for single handing should be a piece of cake. The standard mods for S.H. a 29er( which is relatively easy  compared to what...
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    USA only! RS 100 vs Devoti D-one vs VX-Evo . . . and then there is the Melges 15

    Raider II turbo checks all the boxes at your weight.
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    RS sailing copying boats

    What I mean is that the origional post is so far off base that with a little experience (hense:"lurk for a few years") he may be able to answer his own question. "NO" being the answer to every segment That would be as himself or as a new poster.
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    RS sailing copying boats

    Because posting is free, clownsailor can change his user name, lurk for a few years and then respond to his own post
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    Changing main sheet from mid boom to end of boom Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2

    One positive aspect of mid boom sheeting is that  better main sail trim can be accomplished with out use of the vang. That dosent seem to be a factor in your type of sailing.....go for it.
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    Is my Aero top mast damaged (see picture)?

    The breakout is just too clean and symmetrical. No jagged or sharp edges along the break line. Don't be too quick to drink the coolaid. Iv'e got extruded poly carbonate track on my mast with several repairs made. No fractures or breaks were ever so clean and defined.
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    Vanguard 15 mainsheet bridle options?

    Great VId. Did U ever sail without a bouyancy aid?
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    Is my Aero top mast damaged (see picture)?

    Could it B that the cut out was a mistake and repair was made at the factory and the repair failed without U noticing? Just askin? If so, dealer should b in your corner gettin a fix.
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    Clear plastic face shields? could have tinting on them too.
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    Physics of roll tacking

    this dosent play into the actual "physics" of the roll tack on the sail itself, but keeping the board down makes it work.
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    Raider Sport Rigging

    I have no problem tacking mine, even in very light wind. Weight forward enough to keep edge of transom free of waters surface.  Make sure the traveler is firmly centered and the boom is sheeted in to within 5 degrees of centerline. It will tack pretty fast for a 16 foot boat. Keep the rudder and...
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    Stable Centerboard Dingy

    I've had my Raider (Sport- carbon mast) on a mooring with over 50 mph winds. After the gusts had their way with her, she popped up and self bailed.  Teathered on about a 35 foot mooring line and 3' water depth
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    US Portsmouth Yardstick Change?

    Its good to consider all input. But at the end of the day we have to have something to stop the bleeding. Keep in mind that local areas can have or modify the ratings if required. My $.02 is to make the results input as simple as possible ( ie:smart phone) and rating updates thoughtful and...
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    I own one of the early 20's built in the last century. Painted my mast white w/single part urethane about 10 years ago and never looked back. Just a light sanding with #180 grit first.. If you can take a shop vac hose on the outlet outlet side and carefully pressurize ( too much pressure can...
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    Daysailer Asym

    Wouldn't b that much fun without a bow pole. U could place a spin halyard block up to about 2 feet above the jib block for the hoist with out overstressing the rig if U kept the wind speed under 20 kts. Easier to fly than a conv. spinny but it would be hard to best a conv. spinny around a  W/L...
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    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    News flash! "Sales of blow up dolls at all time high".
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    Capri 14.2 Roof Racks For Honda Si

    If u get the model B aluminum cyl.head for the penta and the titanium injector pump housing  your overall weight will lowered substantially.  Adding the tubular carbon prop shaft will help too. You will then be Olympic ready. 
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    Gulf Coast Dinghy Racing could do a whole lot worse. I heard there is a new builder coming on line.