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    I think the clue here is "It was a long day made longer by a keel fin that did not quite want to play ball, nothing a grinder and chisel could not fix."
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    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    CNN issued a correction regarding the value, now there is no figure stated. Wonder if Comanche will be for sale for as long as Athena and Hanuman have been? Funny thing about Hanuman, it came about in much the same way as Comanche, wanting to have the fastest J-Class. Hire the crew of Puma...
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    Maxi Yacht Speedboat

    Here's the beak from last year, what changes? Edit: Spambler Loyal has been through 3 boat yards now? Cooksons / YDL / McConaghy?
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    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    Nothing to add to the dick-waving, but MC3 is for sale at a price I would describe as a bargain. Mate of mine just finished 3 seasons on her and said she's in top nick. Laying in Monaco, waiting for my numbers to roll over!
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    She's parked right behind us at the moment, I'll see what the story is.
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    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    Yea it was the Maxi worlds at Porto Cervo in 2005.
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    VOR 2014-15 - Leg 1

    F1 qualifying and then the start, Magic!
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    So what news of Syd's new ride?

    Alfa 90 is currently in pieces about 15ft below water.
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    So what news of Syd's new ride?

    Ah right, I meant that the bill payer wasn't the same person. The wages bill for Rio's first sail was around $25K, only so many pros in Auckland I guess.
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    So what news of Syd's new ride?

    What do you mean? You know the BG and Rio programs aren't run by the same people, right?
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    So what news of Syd's new ride?

    FB link here
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    What is that, 20ft long?!?!
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    2014 Coastal Classic, Auckland to Russell.

    Just come off contract so I've got some free time before the summer season kicks off downunder if anyone needs some rail meat? Antigua / St Maarten / St Barts / BOI regatta experience, Atlantic crossings on VOR yachts and South Pacific deliverys on Maxis. Enquire within!
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    Sydney to Hobart 2014

    Definitely Coastal Classic, haven't heard if they're doing S2H yet.
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    Old Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race yachts

    Cuba Libre does the Caribbean circuit and occasionally heads to the Med. Short handed her from Antigua to Bermuda last year on a delivery, was an absolute peach to helm.
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    Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 Entrants

    Nice work Team Vestas! They're my pick for the overall win.
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    SFPD Investigation Report Into Simpson Death - Exclusive

    Page 49 is pretty conclusive. Jesus.
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    New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    Here's a non-press shot. I was too busy sanding teak to go down and have a perve. Maybe tomorrow. Simon from Doyle took this this morning
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    Ludde having another crack at S2H?

    Auckland viaduct rumour mill in full effect, but I've been told that Tokolosh VI (aka Nicorette / Audi etc etc) is coming down to Auckland to get a new nose and arse, with Rodney from Evolution Sails heading up the project. Could be a slow trip down here for the boat though, as it's currently...