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  1. J

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Disgusted to hear that Matt Mason interview.  I hope he sleeps one off and apologizes.
  2. J

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    It is Comanche’s duty to follow through with the protest.  It’s been discussed a lot around here lately about dropping protests if the end result didn’t harm the fouled boat (if Comanche had won).  Problem with that is the fouling boat gained an advantage by not taking a penalty.  They gained an...
  3. J

    Transpac 2017

    ha ha ha!  The last start was Thursday, the 6th.
  4. J

    Transpac 2017

    Because they're sailing west...
  5. J

    2017- Fort Walton-Viper North Americans

    Wait... you want us to actually show up? I thought entering was enough! I don't know if I'll be allowed to return to CA after visiting FL. ;-)
  6. J

    Hardest series to win in SoCal

    Ed missed the real story again. A M32 finishing in the top 10% in a light air event isn't news. A J-105 winning overall in light air is the news! Congratulations Sanity.
  7. J

    2016 Lake Champlain Viper 640 Regatta

    Sounds like a blast! Unfortunately the commute will be too far from CA.
  8. J

    Calling Vipers for Delta Ditch, June 4th

    I think I see the problem...
  9. J

    Calling Vipers for Delta Ditch, June 4th

    Straight from NCPHRF
  10. J

    Calling Vipers for Delta Ditch, June 4th

    Who wants to do Delta Ditch on June 4th? Since Northern CA PHRF is all screwed up and won't rate us, the only way we can go is as a one-design class. They'll give us a start if 5 boats enter. The two Santa Barbara boats want to do it and one SF based Viper is in. Who's up for the challenge???
  11. J

    Does a Melges 32 really rate only 33 in Cali?

    Wow! Congratulations on the pickle dishes...
  12. J

    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    How do you get back in a race after you 'retire'? Hopefully this is just a media verbiage issue, but I'd think if you inform the race committee that you've retired, you can't undo that. Other boats are making tactical decisions based upon your status in the race. There's no definition for...
  13. J

    Rondar Boats

    When I broke out some fiberglass in the keel box due to MY error, Rondar gave great customer service. Paul Young, the chief builder promptly responded to multiple emails and even sent me photos of the boat unassembled, so I had the information to repair it myself. Good builder of a great boat...
  14. J

    The View?

    The Ed knows about what he writes.
  15. J

    Sydney to Hobart 2014

    Thanks Alan. Family Christmas dinner came before watching live....barely! :) .
  16. J

    Sydney to Hobart 2014

    Anybody have a replay of the entire 1.5 hrs. or do I have to sleep on it?
  17. J

    Oracle Racing program, What a shame

    I keep reading about how Oracle didn't plan on foiling until shown by TNZ. This is false. Oracle believed they could develop foiling on L shaped foils instead of the V shape of TNZ. Once TNZ received the jury decision legalizing their larger board volume and then Oracle's capsize, Oracle...
  18. J

    Absolutely Pathetic

    I can't believe NASCAR wouldn't start the race in the rain! I mean come on, EVEN I CAN DRIVE IN THE RAIN! Hell, once I drove for 4 straight hours in the rain. NASCAR guys suck if they can't drive in the rain! Sound familiar?
  19. J

    Absolutely Pathetic

    The original rule was for a smaller wing as well as the current wing. Once the teams unanimously agreed to do away with the smaller wing to save money, they should have lowered the wind limit. To use the "they were designed for 30 knots" argument without acknowledging that there was originally...

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