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    Cessna in the Drink

    "Cessna in the Drink", North of Lincoln Park. Immediately slotted in to the tune of... "Crawling [in my skin]", by Linkin Park.
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    Small Ketch options?

    I love the look and idea of the Freedom cat ketches. Cool to see one chooching along like that, thanks for the vid.
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    First Kiwis to Circumnavigate.

    What a fantastic adventure. Totally agree with the above sentiment too!
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    Darwin Award Candidate

    Not sure where you're coming from with that comment, the average age of first time fathers has been steadily increasing, with first time dads today being statistically significantly older than in the 1970s.
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    SV Seeker

    Suggested addition - I see him as more of a fusion of mythical Greeks, what with his mother obsession.
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    S/V Platino report

    Putting a lead-acid/AGM 'buddy' battery in parallel with the LiFePO4 can apparently work quite well for situations like this. Have a skim through this page for a bit of an idea. Edit: You could set up an audible low voltage alarm on the circuit that would alert you if the lithiums have gone to...
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    2 lithiums instead of 1? SOK batteries?

    They can expand slightly when charged, leading to the cells pushing on each other and potentially putting tension on the terminals and busbars. Some people build big clamps with threaded rods to squash them all together, but I'm not convinced how necessary that is. If you look inside a lot of...
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    2 lithiums instead of 1? SOK batteries?

    I came to the same conclusion and have recently finished putting together a 12v 560Ah setup - 8x 280ah EVE 3.2v prismatic cells, 2 parallel banks of 4 cells in series. Each bank of 4 is managed on the negative pole by a DALY 150A bluetooth-enabled BMS (12v, 4s). Keen to see what route you end up...
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    Installing a composting toilet.

    Nice setup! Having 3d printed fluid containers previously (a washer fluid bottle for my wife's classic mini), additive manufacturing 3d printing is hit and miss in the waterproof department. Even when there are no leaky seams between layers, I'd be a little wary about the possibility of...
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    SV Seeker

    I like that he answered the question at the bottom.
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    2 lithiums instead of 1? SOK batteries?

    That's just answered the only point I was going to put to this - if one of your BMS's fails/disconnects when you're pulling a particularly high amperage load, shifting the whole load onto the other battery/BMS would cause that to disconnect too. As long as your vital loads (beer fridge et al)...
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    SV Seeker

    At first glance, I read the home port as 'Tampon Strings, FL'.
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    Sailing the South Pacific

    We did our competent crew training in Bay of Islands, with a company based out of Opua marina. I've not visited the South Pacific islands, so cannot draw a comparison, but BoI is a lovely spot. Enjoyed your chronicles so far @TheDragon , thank you.
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    Achilles 24

    This seems an odd moment to move from lurker to poster, but I couldn't leave the low hanging fruit there. With your research into righting moments on small boats, hopefully by now you'll have a good idea of how much force it will take to make your Achilles heel.