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    How do you measure ISP for PHRF?

    Assuming you already have an I measurement documented, you could measure the distance from the jib sheave to the spinnaker sheave and add that to the I measurement? They both have the same deck-level measurement plane.
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    Twisted Rod Rigging - now what?

    No qualified individual or organization is going to say its ok and sign off on it in writing. Why would anyone take on that liability? And a conversation and opinion that it was ok isn’t going to be worth shit if it does actually fail and come down in the future. So if you were going to try...
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    Nexus Calibration

    You can do it thru the displays or, if you have a server you can use the race software. Its all old though, so you need to be a bit of a hack to get it running on a modern pc. There is no way to do it thru a N2000 interface as far as I know. Read the nx2 multi-display manual, or the fdx race...
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    New Beneteau First 36

    Why so adamant? Aesthetics, weight in the ends, some other reason I’m oblivious to???
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    Zhik vs Lloyd Foul Weather Gear

    I was a Lloyd lifer. Got it from my dad who swears by the stuff. I’ve seen other people’s musto stuff delam and Gill gear lose its waterproof in a few seasons on crewmates and kept going back to Lloyd until recently. But its overpriced today - more fashion label less sailor brand. Some of my...
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    Vineyard Race 2022

    If 6 of your crew had never set foot on the boat before, how did you comply with the NOR? 2.5.5. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: By entering, each owner is certifying that at least 80% of the crew has participated in each of the following: 2.5.5.a. Man Overboard upwind recovery 2.5.5.b. Man Overboard...
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    STC BI Race 2022

    Race report?  How bad were the storms?
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    Radar Loop - history

    Really interested to look at the radar from last Friday (5/20/22) nights storms that hit Long Island NY, Rhode Island, and Mass.  It hit the fleet doing the Essex YC Wetherall Race and has some real spice to it in places. I can’t find any site that plays a historical radar loop.  Surely one...
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    Precision Sails - communication issues?

    Not in my experience.  They hooked me up with a local loft to do some post delivery service work.  I didn’t pay a penny, and the service loft (a small independent) were happy to assist and assured me that they had been compensated.
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    New Beneteau First 36

    Correct.  IC37 is 150sqm.  160sqm is an enormous asym on a 36footer.  
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    Excellence IN YACHT Design series episode no. 69 with HOT ROD

    Lil Murray… Yes, that was a bizarre sub-plot without any sort of conclusion.
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    New Beneteau First 36

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    New Beneteau First 36

    Great!  And the stability index?  Will it qualify for the big races?  You keep omitting to answer that question.
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    New Beneteau First 36

    You are right: You are definitely not Corporate Communications.  On so many levels.
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    New Beneteau First 36 The thing they are proudest of seems to be the bathroom.
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    New Beneteau First 36

    Newport to Bermuda. Transpac.   Both require Capsize screen of 115 minimum.  Unmodified deep keel 36.7 is around 112.
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    New Beneteau First 36

    Well a tiller wasn’t an option in the US, ever.  So your market research on that is badly flawed.  Give me a simple tiller and minus the 60kg right there.  Can I have a single rudder too?  And can you put the 100kg of the 140kg or whatever we just pulled out of the stern into the keel?  And yes...
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    New Beneteau First 36

    Those ballast specs are pretty light.  Lighter than the 36.7 which is a pretty tender boat and needs rail meat. The stability index on the 36.7 is a problem - doesn’t qualify for many events.  This new boat doesn’t have a carbon stick, does it?  Or water ballast?  So the hull form is enough to...
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    Lower rudder bearing housing replacement

    I need to replace a worn out and pitted Jefa bearing housing from a 36.7.  Its an aluminum donut glassed inside the bottom of the rudder tube.  And for clarity - i’m talking about the bit the bearing ball slips into, not just servicing the bearings. Any tips on the approach and methodology...
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    Winterize Volvo D-13 Saildrive

    Do you mean a D1-13 which is paired with a 130S saildrive?

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