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    Misty May's Ass

    Beauty, two pineapples in an onion bag. Just effin gorgeous
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    A FREE C & C

    Cliff Notes are Cole's Notes. Mr Cole sold the US rights to Mr Cliff. We do make more than beer, you know.
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    got a bunch of 50s 60s zippo lighters

    Send them to Zippo in Bradford PA and they will rebuild them free. I just got 4 done and a tape measure. They are guaranteed for ever. Google it.
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    Potential for new anti-fouling bottom paint?

    There's nothing wrong in releasing free radicals into the water? These things are worse than KL990? If TBT was bad WTF is this?
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    Playoff Hockey

    In '72 JP Parise was chosen to play on team Canada against the USSR. No one could understand this at the beginning. At the end everyone could. Along with Wayne Cashman (who), they controlled the corners and end boards. Zach probably has more finesse than his pappy but not the same grit and...
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    An unfortunate update to the boy's cruise

    Nice attitude, Dad. "Step up the beatings" etc. Your kid seems to be a tough nut, give him enough scope and I'm sure your kid will prove his mettle. Good work from your wife too.
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    chocolate star fucker found guilty

    KEErist, even Dante cant live up to that post,Nacra.
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    Happy Midsummer Eve

    Thanks, when I was there heading N out of Stockholm into the +60 zone, I saw tons of 'Maypoles', my hosts told me they were from Midsummers and that was all they wrote.Your post is very informative for me. I hated your liquor stores, but loved everything else, specially the smorgasbord of women...
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    My local meat cutter just closed his doors

    That's exactly what I said Dreaded.
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    My local meat cutter just closed his doors

    One can learn to do all this stuff at home. Making bacon is easy, so is ham. You can smoke it or not. Aging beef takes no time off your hands; dry or wet aged beef is sold at premium prices. You need a dedicated second fridge and a tub and sharp knives. If you get the bug, you can make virtually...
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    Are Typos Mandatory?

    Gentlemen, theirs weigh two much ad hominy in this thread. Lettuce stick to the issues geranium to the OP.
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    The Queens 60th

    Sunmonkey, aptly named,one supposes. If you only would hide your disgusting habit behind closed doors, HRH would not be glaring at you. My$5 worth.
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    The Queens 60th

    Wofsey, try SNL or Onion, they pay for drivel.
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    henry hill

    Yeah, one of my faves too. The other guy was a hitman from NJ who wrote about his time and for me coined one of the best ever crime anecdotes. "...a job was given to two guys to wack Mr X. They stabbed him and he lived, they shot him and he lived, they poisoned him and he lived. The boss calls...
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    The Queens 60th

    Mad, don't drop your haitches.
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    The Queens 60th

    NG, this your authority to speak for me in two areas: 1 HRH Elizabeth II 2 Rum Carry On.
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    The Queens 60th

    Well NG, I see you can handle yourself at "the Olde York" as well as Fort York. It is unfortunate that your understanding of protocol should come under the scrutiny of an obvious cretin. DILLIAFF to you woosey, you are a worse example of asshat than gator or Daniel Taylor. The gauntlet is across...
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    Il Mostro on the Welland

    Sorry, please don't take this the wrong way, but it is St.Catharines with two A's. Lock 7 or which?
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    The Queens 60th

    FFS, these contentious medals are campaign medals. One need not be hero to deserve one, just being there is enough to be awarded one. True merit then will get you another one for recognised valour. THEN, one gets to wear two. FM, there used enough of you GI types walking around spouting...
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    The Queens 60th

    All you "republicans and democrats, since I'm not talking parties" should have a little respect for Lillabet. She was the niece of an abdicator, who renounced his inheritance because he didn't have the fortitude to keep away from a "colonial" in the words of some here, venting their hard day's...