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  1. Serge A. Storms

    what's in a name

    Over the years I've had a chuckle over: WOFTAM (Waste Of Fucking Time And Money) HOFNAR (a teenage boy's Laser, stood for Hard On For No Apparent Reason) EXIT WOUND (Written subway-graffiti style along the entire length of a J-24 hull) A dinghy called ROW V WADE Another perpetually flooded...
  2. Serge A. Storms

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    Lots of reasons I think 12s have a life beyond the big race; -Lots of them here in Newport to begin with so able to work as day charter boats as well as racers -Enough in the area to have a fleet -Good size; big and heavy enough to be steady and have a harbor presence but small enough to be...
  3. Serge A. Storms

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    Snapped them with my iPhone. I live near the yard in Portsmouth RI where a lot of 12s seem to hang out.... And yes, had to climb the ladder but it was already in place! Thanks!
  4. Serge A. Storms

    Lauren Boebert - Rotten Pork Sliders

    As crazy as all of this is I can't understand why you'd ruin the duvet when there has to be an old t-shirt or sock in the immediate vicinity? And is it a sin to let it rip on the lady's back or stomach? I mean come on, washing a duvet is a big chore. Who has that much time for laundry...
  5. Serge A. Storms

    Just watched Grand Prix

    The GF and I watched "Grand Prix" the other day after seeing all the comments here. After reading the commentary on this thread we had to see it! Loved the cameos, the cars, the classic plot twists, and the very cool-for-the-time cinematography. We did note that almost everyone in the film...
  6. Serge A. Storms

    Sea birds

    Here in RI people love to let their cats out for the night. And they love to complain about not seeing as many birds as in the past. And they love to complain about the coyotes eating their cats. And they HATE it when you say things like "maybe you should keep your cats indoors?" A little...
  7. Serge A. Storms

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    DEFENDER, COURAGEOUS and ENTERPRISE all getting out of the shed... 12 Meter Worlds in Newport RI this summer, hope to get out and watch!
  8. Serge A. Storms

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    The off-center prop is pretty common in old classics where the engine was added later. Advantages are: -Easier to install as you don't have to drill through big keel timbers or carve out an aperture in rudder/keel timbers. -Maintains structural integrity of the keel timbers. -The prop...
  9. Serge A. Storms

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    Agree with above- CHALLENGE 12 is here in RI, fully refit and optimized to the max. No expense spared. She has a new livery, all gloss black hull with a big XII on the side. Black mast, boom, pole, sails.... looks pretty cool. Sail number still KA-10. SOUTH AUSTRALIA must be the boat you...
  10. Serge A. Storms

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    which I'm in RI and would love to see "SA" I'm guessing he is referring to SOUTH AUSTRALIA as I think SPIRIT OF AMERICA has disappeared into the mists of time? Anyone know which shed or which yard she might be stored in?
  11. Serge A. Storms

    Cayard out at US Failing

    Someone say iceboats? NOW we're talkin'! Just make sure to pick the right time of year....
  12. Serge A. Storms

    Lie detector test

    As George Costanza once said: "Just remember; It's not a lie if you believe it."
  13. Serge A. Storms

    Skeeta and Nikki foiling, who's out there?

    Anyone know where to look for a used WASZP or two? If you know of any for sale (preferably east of the Mississippi River) please send me a message and let me know.... Serge
  14. Serge A. Storms

    What is the most pain you have ever felt

    Psychological: Family stuff, girl stuff, panic attacks, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse.... you know, the usual. Physical: Wrenched back, broken wrists, ran the pad of my thumb through a table saw, but the funniest (looking back at it) was when I was a freshman in high school; I was a...
  15. Serge A. Storms

    Lisa Marie Presley - DTS

    A few years back she was trying to have a singing career. She was booked into a local venue, small place. On the venue website they'd added (in all caps, in red) "ANY PERSONS DRESSED IN THE LIKENESS OF ELVIS PRESLEY OR MICHEAL JACKSON WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER" I remember thinking they...
  16. Serge A. Storms

    Iceboating Anarchy

    The Western Challenge was run last weekend- Sounds like conditions were pretty sweet... Pics, vid, and write up here:
  17. Serge A. Storms

    Anyone Sell A House Fully Loaded?

    I was loaded when I bought my house....
  18. Serge A. Storms

    Iceboating Anarchy Calling all would be, newer iceboaters, those seasoned by many winters, and anyone with even a remote interest in iceboating this event is for you. As we have done in past years this is your...
  19. Serge A. Storms

    IOR landfills?

    Yes, this is the one- about 60 feet long, white, orange and yellow paint job, masthead rig, big best of a boat. Any and all intel greatly appreciated!
  20. Serge A. Storms

    Iceboating Anarchy

    That time of year! Beat the winter blues and get on the ice.... Looking for a DN or DN parts? Have questions about DN sailing? If you are new to the sport or looking for your first ride, iceboat swap meets are the best place to find what you need and meet the ice sailing community. Here...

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